Emergency Phone Jam to Protect The Health of Mary Wahba Barsoum

4 Apr

April 4th-15th

Trinity Village 519 893 6320

On June 10th 2016 at about 10 am Mary Wahaba Barsoum was taken from her home against her will and the will of the person whom holds the Power of Attorney over her. This illegal kidnapping was done by Ragui Barsoum in collusion with the Community Care Access Centre (CCAC) and others whom wish to sell her house against her and the person whom holds the power of attorney’s will. Since June, Ragui refused to tell the courts and the person whom has the power of attorney where she is being held.

This week it came out that she is being held at Trinity Village, a Protestant Nursing home and visitors have stated that her health has completely deteriorated. Her family and friends are worried about her health as it continues to deteriorate. We are asking people to call Trinity Village and demand that these five points be met;

1. An end to the physical isolation that she is experiencing as her close family members are continuously harassed when they visit her and in some cases are physically removed against the will of Mary.

2. An end to the physical abuse that is happening to her in front of staff whom have turned a blind eye to at least 2 assaults on her person and on her guests.

3. Follow the regiment of Diana Dawson and Dr. Crown instead of forcing her on drugs that have an adverse affect on her health such as Morphine and other drugs that have caused her severe physical side effects.

4. Since her last visit she has lost a dangerously severe amount of weight, we demand that this be taken seriously.

5. Allow her the option of returning home which is the will of herself and the person whom holds the power of attorney.

6. As a Coptic Christian she should not be denied a spiritual advisor of her own religion whom can administer the sacraments according to her faith.

Mary is a human being and should not be used as a pawn by the CCAC and others that want to make a fortune on her flesh and bones. Please call and let them know that people are monitoring this situation,

Thank you.


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