32CSM speech in Halifax

7 Apr

Myself reading 32CSM speech in Halifax

Comrades and Friends On Behalf of the 32CSM, its membership and
leadership I thank you for coming out today to learn the truth about
what is currently going on in Ireland as well as what our tasks here
in occupied turtle island also known as Canada. But Before I start my
presentation I would like to have a moment of silence out of respect
for the death of Nicole O breasalin, the daughter of a comrade from
the Belfast 32CSM Conner whom has always supported our struggles here
against poverty police brutality and exploitation and whom has always
been there for me in my darkest hours. We send condolences to him his
family and friends and at some point in time we will pass a hat around
to help cover the costs of the funeral and whatever other costs the
family has incurred

The 32CSM was created at a historic point in Irish history when the
provisional movement led by adams and martin Mc Guinness, like other
petty bourgeoise leaders in the past chose to betray the working class
movement that supported them and in exchange for seats at the masters
table has sold out the struggle for sovereignty and social justice as
well as the republican movement on whose backs they built their career

The so called peace process that adams et al signed known as the good
friday agreement did not deliver the peace that was promised because
it ignored the root cause of the conflict which is the occupation of
the country by Britain and the social inequality that this has

This occupation and the British imposed system of exploitation of the
Irish people, their resources and wealth by its very nature is one of
the most severe forms of violence and the GFA which was the so called
peace process that the provisional movement signed not only failed to
address this but rather entrenched and normalised the british
occupation in the north and all the terror that comes with that.

Seeing that once again the movement was being sold out for crumbs off
the table a committee in SF was formed to tackle the issue of
sovereignty of the Irish people to determine their own destiny, those
that were part of this movement were expelled from SF and thus the
32CSM was formed

Since its inception the 32CSM was under attack not only by the British
state through the arrest intimidation and torture of its activists but
also by their former comrades in the SF whom not only collaborated
with the state in terms of informing and such, but also gave names of
Republican activists whom would reject this betrayal to loyalist death
squads whom then targeted these activists for execution as well as
started bombing civilians in areas known to be republicans

internment, imprisonment without trial, secret evidence, the removal
of political status for the POWS, torture and out and out assassination
by proxy, as was the case with Alan and Vinnie Ryan, are some of the
tools that the British state and its new friends in SF have imposed to
break the will of the Republicans to resist yet despite all these
attacks the republican movement has not been broken.

In the occupied six counties today the british are keeping the Irish
people in a state of perpetual war through constant stop and searches,
raids on anyone who dares to speak out against the occupation and the
constant threat of internment.

The impact of the occupation on the everyday lives of people can be
seen when one examines the suicide epidemic across Ireland, the
massive drug problem that is taking so many lives as well as the
constant state of fear that people live in knowing that to speak out
for freedom justice and socialism can lead to arbitrary arrest,
detention and death.

Currently there are well over 100 political prisoners in Ireland for
either resisting the illegal occupation through meeting force with
force or for simply speaking out against the occupation.

For example Tony Taylor, a political activist from Derry has been held
for over 390 days without charge simply for being an Irish Republican
who disagrees with the occupation and is still in jail today, The
Craigavon Two have been convicted for a military attack they did not
commit despite the fact the only evidence against them comes from a
witness whom has perjured himself again and again and whose own father
stated that he was a liar

Marian Price, whom before her arrest was the Chair of the 32CSM was
arrest for simply holding up a peace of paper at a rally in Derry and
as a result has spent 9 months in Maghaberry, a mens jail denied
medical treatment and then spent 2 years on top of that in isolation
In this context the 32CSM has never betrayed there republican
principles and under these serious conditions have continued to push
for a united Ireland and will continue to do so
Here in so called canada our primary task is to support the just
struggle of the Irish people to end the occupation and create a
society based on a true peace, social justice and self-determination
to do this we must first and for most break the media blackout on what
is going on in the country
by disseminating information, holding public meetings leafletting and
whatever other means are available to us we must let the people know
the truth of the brutality of life under the occupation and the high
price that people must pay for simply speaking out.

the second way we can support the Irish struggle is to bring the
struggle here through occupations, sit ins disruptions etc creating
economic disruption, so for example this summer the royal family will
be coming here, this gives us a very important opportunity to expose
the crimes of the British monarchy in Ireland

wherever they go let us be there with our banners and show them that
it wont be business as usual for them and do what we can to resist
thirdly we must unify with all fighting British colonialism
particularly the people whose lands we are on. Its not enough to say
at the start of an event we acknowledge that this is stolen land
rather we must go further and actually do something about it
this can only be achieved if we build a national organization here
under the leadership of those engaged in struggle, the 32CSM, as well
as a mass organization that is open to all who believe in human rights
and oppose the occupation.
Thank you for your time


2 Responses to “32CSM speech in Halifax”

  1. doug April 8, 2017 at 1:34 am #

    More useless drivel from a welfare collecting commie.Never understood why you commie lovers don’t go and live in a commie country since you seem to love their ways so much.Maybe it’s because you wouldn’t be able to collect your welfare cheques from the commies.

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