Ex Irish POW’s Speech Read in Halifax

7 Apr

Honoured Comrades, It is my honour to address you today as you set
about establishing an POW and Political Prisoner support and action
group for Irish, First Nation, Scottish, Quebecois, Metis and other
progressive revolutionary POWs in Ireland, Scotland, Quebec and the
occupied territories that are now called Canada by the same invaders
that have invaded Ireland, Scotland and a host of other lands for
almost a thousand years now.

Comrades let us not forget the largely forgotten struggle of the Gaels
in Nova Scotia who have been violently oppressed and discriminated
against by the Canadian occupation government since at least the early
1900s. In 1901 Gaelic was spoken by over 2.5 million in Nova Scotia
and by the 1970s it was down to almost nothing because of the policies
of discrimination by the Canadian government towards Gaelic speakers
purely on the grounds that the Gaelic language was associated with
Irish Republicans and Rebels. They completely ignored the fact that
the Gaels of Nova Scotia were Scottish Gaels and that their ancestors
were banished to North America by the Brits because they would not
bend the knee to Brit imperialism. But luckily the Gaelic language is
making a comeback slowly but surely in Nova Scotia today and they have
around 2,300 fluent speak

Comrade Nick reading a speech from an ex Irish POW in Halifax

ers at present and the number keeps rising.
So let us praise and support those bringing Gaelic back as the main
and first language of Nova Scotia alongside efforts to revive the
First Nation languages of Nova Scotia and Occupied Canada also.

Let us not forget the brave anti fascist demonstrators who have
resisted racism and imperialism in Canada in these modern times and
who have suffered death and gaol as a result. And let us praise and
support the brave First Nation resistance fighters that have
established and declared their independence from Occupied Canada and
that are still gallantly holding the line against fascist and
imperialist invaders comrades.

Remember you and we may be few in number but we are not and never will
be alone. We are Rebels taking on a re-modelled Brit empire with
American backing. Keep up the fight and never give in and never
surrender and never compromise. Remember President Louis Riel who was
executed by Brit invaders because he would not bow to the Brit Anglo
Saxon invaders of Occupied Canada. We are Rebels and Rebels Never Die.


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