Freddy Barsoum Begins Hungerstrike till death For The Return of his Mother

7 Apr

On April 7th Freddy Barsoum started a hungerstrike to have his mother returned to him. Freddy, who has power of attorney over his mother has had his mother stolen from him by force by the police, the CCAC and his other brother despite the fact that Freddy has power of Attorney and his mother has repeatedly stated she wants to live at her house with Freddy. Since this happened in the summer Freddy has not been told where she has been held and only recently found out that she is being held against her will at Trinity Village. The case has been full of corruption from the beginning, including having court dates without informing Freddy of them, Freddys previous lawyers now work for the brother which is a complete conflict of interest and its quite clear that the law means nothing to them.

The reason for this attack on an 85 year old woman and her son is because they want to sell her house to develop it into condo’s and start the gentrification in the mooregate paulander area, which is currently full of immigrants.

Freddy has chosen to go on hungerstrike because there is no alternative every day his mother is getting worse and worse as she is being neglected, and it is quite clear that justice is not going to be served unless serious sacrifices are made. This mockery of the judiciary has to stop. The next court date for Freddy is the 13th and we ask people to come and support.

One Response to “Freddy Barsoum Begins Hungerstrike till death For The Return of his Mother”

  1. doug April 8, 2017 at 1:27 am #

    Hunger Yup that will work!!!

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