Thoughts on todays court for freddy who has been on hungerstrike for a week and reflections from someone else who lost a mom on her birthday

13 Apr

To lose your mother is the worst thing that can happened to someone in my case spending most of my life in jail or on house arrest i got to spend alot of time wither her hearing storys of Romanians support for the Provo war, or my uncle in Libia and the support he gave or storys of when the us invaded cuba and they all went to the american consulate in Romania saying Cuba yes Yankees no and when they would say no that’s when the brick would get thrown. My mom at first tried to stop me from being political but when she saw that i would not change she did a one eighty and became totally supportive, she would come to the police station and stand up to the anti terror squad and be why are you not releasing my son is it because you are waiting for the bruises to me and would bail my friends out because despite her criticism of socialist Romanian she still believed in right and wrong and once on christmas eve when she bailed out my friend for panhandling she wrote an amazing poem on being in jail for christmas. When she died i found out so many poems about me and how worried she was about me cause she kn ew what politics are and the only end is victory or death or jail. Since my mom died various people in my life have acted in the role of my mom in terms of emotional support my support but telling me to fuck up when i go to far.

despite the time period that passed it still hurts she was not just a mom but a comrade friend someone I could talk to and cared about me.

Today Freddy has been on hungerstrike for a week and sometimes i just hate him but for the wrong reasons because so many aspects of this case remind me of what happened to me and i feel the scabs just opening up and all the vile just spewing out. His mother was kidnapped at gun point without a court order and instead of consulting the consent and capacity board have used underhand methods to steal her from him and put her in as proddy nursing home despite the fact that she wants to be home and it is her house, money was removed from a joint account between freddy and his mom wih=ithout a court order and its quite clear its part of fucking our case, taking the money so we cant afford legal costs now they are illegally trying to sell her house.

When my mom my family came together and were like whatever resources we have we will use despite the doctors brow beating us to pull the plug even though she was communicative through txting and made her feel guilty for trying to stay alive. Every day they pressured us to pull the plug and we refused because she was our mom and suicide is a unforgivable sin in the eyes of the church so we supported this.

In freddys case it seems the family is money hungry wants to seize her assets and put her somewhere like a disposable hero where she is lost and forgotten

I think of my mom and all we suffered to get through this but this case is like a bizzaro lande interpretation of my moms death. instead of following the will of the mother they are treating her like a commodity to be disposed of wbhatever way possible. she is not a commodity but a hundred and we will fight for her return home because that is what she deserves.


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