Somethings are worth dying for thoughts on Freddy’s hungerstrike day 10

16 Apr

Today is Coptic Easter as well as day ten of Freddy Barsoums Hunger strike. I spoke to him this morning and despite his voice sounding a bit more raspy and exhausted he seems to be in good spirits for a 66 year old man who has been on hunger strike. We talked about the church service and the heavy police presence there as well as the fact that most Coptic churches did not celebrate midnight mass due to fascist threats on the lives of those attending. In the wake of the bombing in Egypt as well as the intensified fascist attacks Coptic orthodox people rightfully feel under attack.

Yet in this conversation his thoughts were not about him, his health or the safety of those at the church but rather about his mother whom was stolen from him at gun point and put into a Lutheran private nursing home where she would not be able to attend mass, nor celebrate the transubstantiation, when the wafer becomes Christ, nor have access to any of the other sacraments that an 85 year old woman of the Coptic faith should have the right to have. instead of breaking Easter eggs with her loved ones and singing about the resurrection of Christ as pure essence of God (since Coptics people are monophysitists) she is stuck in a bed isolated from not only her family but her whole religious community.

“How can the free-est country in the world take an 85 year old woman out of her home against her will, as well as my will, since I have the power of attorney, and put her in a private home refusing to tell anyone where she is?” Freddy asked me ” What sort of liberty is this when the courts who are suppose to uphold justice not only refuse to help me bring her home but are actively working to keep her against her will in a place where she does not want to be? Freddy continued. “This circus has to stop ” Freddy continued. Every day she is gone her health gets worst and those involved are treating her like she is an object and her only worth is the money in her bank account and the value of her house.” What society is this where their own laws mean nothing and they are willing to do whatever they have to to enrich themselves at this expense of this poor old woman.”

“All of this needs to stop now” Freddy continued, a neutral observer who went to see her told me that in the last week her health has seriously deteriorated and im not sure if i should tell this to Freddy, but apparently i don’t need to as Freddy continues to tell me the problems he has had trying to visit her and how he himself and others have seen the staff physically assault this poor woman who had terror in her eyes and whose last words to freddy were please take me home please take me home.

In Freddys eyes the court is a circus, the law was broken, a woman was stolen from her family and loved ones and all people care about is how much money people have in there pockets. Rule of law means nothing. This is wrong.

There are some things worth dying for and from my own experience i can tell you hungerstrikes are quite scary, knowing that you may day and every day brings you closer to victory or death is one of the most horrible things that someone can experience, yet what is worth is to be quiet in the face of injustice. This case is not about Freddy or me its about an 85 year old woman whose rights are being violated because she is no longer productive in the capitalist term of productivity and thus she is worth nothing Freddy is right this circus has got to stop and if this hunger strike and its outcome will be the only way to solve it so be it there are worst things then dieing such as living knowing that your silence allowed others to suffer and be oppressed.


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