All Out in Defense of 32CSM International office

19 Apr

The 32CSM would like to state that we support the just struggle in defense of our International office. The 32CSM would like to remind all involved that we have a legally binding one year lease with the right to renew in one year. This lease is a legal and valid document that can not be ignored by developers and those that would seek to ignore the rule of law in there quest for profit.

Furthermore we stand with Freddy Barsoum, the owner of the property in the just struggle to get his mom back from Trinity care who is illegally holding her against her will and the will of her son Freddy Barsoum who has legal power of attorney over her, we find the dirty trick of illegally kidnapping an 85 year old woman refusing to comply with the will of her son Freddy who has the power of attorney over her to let her see her or even disclosing where she is, and now attempting to illegally liquidate all her assets, ignoring both the courts and any sort of common decency. We stand with Freddy on day five of his hunger strike for the return of his mother and to have rule of law followed.

This sort of reprehensible act in the name of gentrification and development is a blatant sign of everything wrong with gentrification in the city of Kitchener and we stand with those who oppose this attack on our office in defense of there community from the developers and gentrifiers. This office we have hosted international dignitaries from the different Bolivarian state as well as comrades from Palestine and we use this space to establish relationships with all engaged in struggle against the anglo imperialist alliance of of Britain canada the us australia and new zealand, and we will never shut our doors

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