Msg From Siobhan McConville, Wife of Brendan McConville Read in Montreal Yesterday

22 Apr

Myself reading msg from wife of Irish Republican Brendan McConville who is now in jail for being an Irish Republican #JFTC2

After years of letter writing, phone calls and visits Brendan and i married in the Centenary year 2016. … it was the best thing we’ve ever done. My Husband has served eight years after being wrongfully convicted and i am determined to clear his name. I live in England, work and manage to see Brendan every three weeks, my evenings and weekends are spent emailing and researching everyone and anyone i feel could help. People often say are you not tired Siobhán? Yes i am tired of a British court system that have failed my Husband a fair trial, His appeal was sabotaged. All the facts and information are available for people to read. Everyone should have certain rights and when those rights are denied it is down to us the public to unite and campaign for those people who’s voice is lost in a unfair and unjust court system.. My Husband is innocent. Help me bring home. #JFTC2


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