Freddy Barsoum trys to file court papers police respond by kicking him out of court

26 Apr

Today myself Freddy and another comrade went to the court to file papers responding to the illegal removal of his mother from her house. We were allowed into the court and the police officer who was searching us was joking with me about the visible pain I was in and telling me I should start smoking weed. The atmosphere was friendly and we were joking around.

When we went to the second floor to file our paper paper work a police officer approached. We us and told us the court was closed and we had to leave despite the fact that Freddys number was up, two people were being served and two other people were waiting and not being removed. I took out my phone to record what was happening and I swear the cop was running away from the phone like a vampire from a crucifix. She said that she did not want to be taped I stated that since we were not in a courtroom proper we had the right to do this. Then several more officers came from nowhere to physically remove us. We left willingly and on my way out I saw a paralegal I know well as well as a lawyer I chatted with the paralegal and the lawyer after said that they had no right to remove us since we got there and our number was up.

This is not the first time Freddy was physically barred from filling paperwork for his defense. The issues in his case such as his former lawyers later working for his brother which is a complete conflict of interest as well as everything else that has been going on belongs in a Kafka novel not the Judiciary system. Tomorrow Freddy will go to court and the circus will continue while his mom languishes against her will in a nursing home. The legal POA that Freddy has seems to have no more power then the legal treaties that the Brits signed with the peoples of this land, and as the justice wheels turn Mary is getting sicker being given meds that she is allergic to and has been rushed at least once to the emergency due to the negligence of the nursing home willing accomplices to this kidnapping.


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