Today’s court for Freddy the circus continues

27 Apr

Freddy Barsoum Hungering for justice

Today in court Freddy was called quite early though his name was close to the bottom of the list and usually those whom are self represented go last, this tactic of putting Freddy on first was used to confuse people including the media to know when to attend and when not to attend, i myself was going to go out for a smoke when his name was called.

Crawford the lawyer that is opposing Freddy seems to be a fan of my blog as he mentioned that Freddy had papers that he has tried to file and Freddy gave the papers to the Judge who clearly just glanced at them and did not read them. When Freddy asked if he could address the court he was told no. The judge then commented on fines that were to be imposed. Freddy then mentioned that he was on hunger strike and the judge said the matter was closed and that security would be called at which point Freddy got up and left. Many of the court workers and such noticed his weight loss and one police officer brought Freddy food while Freddy was outside, he refused it and i misinterpreted this as an insult to Freddy, which made me upset. The police officer stated she did not know Freddy was on hungerstrike and just saw how he looked and thought he needed a meal. I pointed out that there was a comrade next to us with no food and she gave the food to him . I feel that this was actually genuine and not done out of malice so I apologized for my assumption as our issue is not with police officers as individuals but rather at the fact that they are crown forces and as an institution serve the rich.

Freddy then spent most of the day outside the courthouse with a sign stating he was on hungerstrike and wanted to have his mom returned to him. We spoke to many court workers whom were very supportive as well as passersby lawyers and the like.
I feel that for the witnesses the whole court proceedings were quite hard to watch as it clearly showed that the state will carry on and do what they want no matter what. This scares me and hits close to home as the more i deal with this case the more i think of the loss of my mom due to the state and I feel his pain losing your mother is one of the worst things one can ever experience. To have this done at the hands of the state that is suppose to guarantee our rights is like pouring salt on a wound. As things stand the hungerstrike will continue.


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