What Freddy would have said in court had he not been told that he cant address the court

27 Apr

Freddy demanding justice in front of court house

You honour
this is clearly an abuse of procedure and Further more a collateral
attack. They are abusing the process and not going through the proper
channels which is clearly a collateral attack. This matter should not
be in front of you because this matter is not a civil case
this matter needs to be dealt with in proper forum which is to go
through the consent and capacity board.
Usually when there is an issue with ones POA (Power of Attorney) the people whom are contacted are the consent and
capacity board and they are the ones who have the power to grant and
revoke the POA, instead of following this process my mother was stolen
at gun point by the CCAC, the POLICE and my brother Reggie and knowing
that Judy Fibbs whom granted me my POA, and to this day with the
consent and capacity board upholds my POA, they have chosen to engage
in these civil proceedings using them to cover up the fact that
removing my mother from her house against her will and my will as POA
is totally unlawful and unjust. Judy Fibbs granted me the POA through the
consent and capacity board and only the consent and capacity board
can take it away. This abuse of process has also been used to take out
two major sums of money from my mothers account which is a joint
account, that has my name on they do not have anything from the
consent and capacity board yet they are acting like they do first
breaking the law then using civil proceedings to justify this,

The Court decision they use which was the hearing on the 28th was a
hearing that i was not told about, nor was i present and the court
date prior to this the judge made it quite clear that the hearing was
on the 30th not the 28th. Decisions were made without me even being
informed of a court date which i was not present at nor even known was
taking place. This is not only irregular but unlawful.The fact that
this decision gave the opposing council the idea that they could write
a letter, not present a court document but write a letter and use it
to take money out of a joint account with my name on it clearly shows
that the rule of law ,means little to the opposing council.

Furthermore the fact that my previous council now works for an
opposing is clearly a conflict of interest and on that grounds alone
these proceedings should be thrown out as this is a conflict of
interest and furthermore proves what i was saying that they did not
act in my interests. This council who now works for the opposing party
(Mark Famy etc) did not follow my instructions, and in fact acted
against my instructions and interests. The timeline in place for the
return of my mother was scrapped, my right to challenge my accusers
through cross examination of all whom have written affidavits has been
thrown away (and i do call on my right to cross examine everyone whom
has written affidavits against me) and they chose to put me under
cross examination, which i have no problem doing as i have nothing to
hide, as long as i have the right to cross examine every one of my
accusers.. furthermore this council did not inform me of any court
dates and made decisions without me to the point where they tried to
trick me to come to Mississauga to sign over my POA to Reggie. Does
this sound like the actions of a lawyer working in my interests I
think not. The fact that they now sit with opposing council clearly
shows there intent.

Your honor this case is not about me or my personality this case is
about an 85 year old woman who wants to go yet is not allowed to
because her son wants her money and is willing to do whatever it takes
to put her against her will in a protestant nursing home where she
will not be able to practice her religious convictions as a Coptic
orthodox person and will be denied the holy sacraments that the
protestant faith does not hold up.

I started by stating that this is an abuse of procedure and a collateral attack
i would like
to draw your attention to this email that Reggie sent to a priest whom
came to give Mary spiritual comfort, note the threatening tone on the
second page, i would like to draw your attention to slanders just as
the fact that Reggie states that i am diagnosed mentally ill and am
violent where is this diagnosis unless Reggie became a psychiatrist
while i was sleeping he cant diagnose me and this is clear slander,
also note the threatening tone towards the priest using words like
deceiver etc,, but what is really important about this email is two
things 1. the fact that Reggie acknowledges in the email that he has
hid my mother from me and two he says the reason for that is that he
is afraid of her being removed LEGALLY, in other words she was hidden
for fear of rule of law being implemented and has hid her to avoid
legal consequences, your honor please let justice be granted and if not at least allow me to subpoena those whom have
written affidavits and allow me to have a far hearing no more back room
decisions without my presence, no more shady deals. Finally I would
like to point out that I was told no more delays and two weeks ago i was
ready to proceed, yet a delay happened for the other council is
justice not suppose to be blind. I am defending myself on this
matter, my affidavits were not accepted and it seems that no matter
what my rights and the rights of my mother are violated.

Furthermore i would like to state for the record that i have been on
hunger strike for twenty day, also known as fasting
I am using this as a tool to seek justice and also get closer to my
God through prayer and self reflection, what is happening is wrong and
I ask you in front of the court and in front of God to give me justice


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