32CSM Speech read before Anti FA Action in Kitchener for May Day

2 May


Comrades and friends on behalf of the 32CSM its members and supporters i thank you for coming out on on such a rainy day to take a stand against racism fascism and white supremacy.
May 1st is international workers day, a day of struggle and victory for the working class and as such it is quite apt that today we decided to clean our community of the scourge of white supremacy and anglo supremacy
since January there have been over 40 random attacks on people of color, queer people and others deemed race traitors by the unholy alliance known as unit 14, the soldiers of odin and others whose initiation is based on attacking random enemy’s of there fascist movement.
These attacks will not go unaswered
since January there have been about 30 drug related ODs as a result of fentanol laced in heroin
we know for a fact that this drug that is killing our youth friends and comrades is coming from this scum who see poor people inferior.
One can see the links between the fascist movement and violent drugs as going way back to the days of the heritage front and Wolfgang Drogue.

As one can see with the new political world realignment fascism as a political ideology has been taken out of the dustbin of history where it belongs and is now revived openly in country’s like Ukraine where Banderistas now march openly in the streets and run the government to the success of the ALT right movement in the states
conditions similar to this gave rise to fascism in Germany Spain Chile and other country’s, and this sort of fascism is making revivals all over Latin america with the covert and overt attacks on our Bolivarian Comrades.
The violence we see everyday as a result of nazis on the streets, nazis in power and the drug scourge that they bring with them is so overwhelming that many people think that we are hopeless and defenseless
and many want to either hide or put there head in the sand and hope it goes away
They wont go away, they have the support of the state both overtly when they let people off scot free like the person who killed our comrade john james and got off scot free
or when police murdered beau baker 30 seconds after they arrived on the scene
and covert by giving info to these scum on who should be attacked.
today we say no more, no more Nazis in our hoods and no more death dealers in our community.
Let me make one point clear the only reason these scum run the drug scene is because drugs are treated as a criminal issue instead of a mental health issue
and the over dose epidemic should not only be layed at the door of these death dealers but at the door of the state
who not only turns a blind eye to the capitalist class at the top of the drug chain but also criminalizes addicts very existence forcing them to hide there addictions.
and no amount of fake smiles and nice photo ops can wash the blood off the hands of the state
today though we turn the table and in the absence of a police force that will solve the fascist problems we ourselves will mobilize

the community and fight them tooth and nail.


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