Anti Internment Munster in support of the newly founded Anti Internment in Occupied Canada on 11 May 2017.

16 May

This is the speech from Anti Internment Munster in support of the newly founded Anti Internment in Occupied Canada on 11 May 2017.
Honoured delegates, comrades and supporters. It is with great joy that we here in Ireland welcome the established of an anti internment group to support POWs and Political Activists that have been wrongfully interned and jailed right here in Occupied Canada. The state called Canada as you all know is a settler state that has persecuted and oppressed the First Nations peoples, the Quebecois who fought and continue to fight for their independence and the Gaels or Gaelic community of Irish and Scottish exiles who either fled or were banished from their homelands for resisting Brit rule, genocide and invasion of their homes and lands. We in Ireland know full well what you all are suffering there in Occupied Canada even if many of your own people either don’t know or don’t want to know. All praise and honour to those of the Anti Internment in Occupied Canada who have gathered here today to show support and resistance towards the forces of imperialism and oppression that are current and widespread throughout Occupied Canada. You have a long hard road ahead of you and many difficult and dangerous struggles ahead but in the end you will win through. All you have to do is keep the faith and stay true to the cause of freedom and independence of all of the oppressed and persecuted in Occupied Canada today. Counter revolutionaries and other hostile and non progressive forces will try all in their power to defeat you but you will stay strong and true to your mission to stand up and fight for those who are not in a position to stand up and fight for themselves and their families. The continued struggle of the Gaels of Nova Scotia for language rights and recognition is the exact same fight that the Quebecois fought from 1763-1995 when after many bitter and bloody struggles and after almost voting for independence losing only by the smallest margin in election history inwhich 49.95% of them voted of independence did the Canadian occupation government and regime finally pay full and proper attention and respect to the French language in Canada. And they only done that to avoid another and possible future successive referendum. The process towards language victory for the Quebecois began as a result of the armed struggle or war waged by the FLQ from 1963-1971/1976 and it was only after a fierce war had been waged did the Anglo settler enemy begin to give ground and accept the French language and culture in Occupied Canada. The same is true of the Metis and other First Nations peoples today. And the same will be true for the Gaels of Nova Scotia who have suffered language genocide and almost complete extinction of the very unique dialect known as Canadian Gaelic. Very few know that Nova Scotia is the beating heart of Celtic language and culture in North America and some would say the whole of the Americas. That reason alone is why you in Anti Internment in Occupied Canada or AIOC have to fight on for the freedom and rights of all Prisoners of War in Ireland, Palestine and Occupied Canada as well as many other places around the world. You are not alone comrades you are apart of the wider Anti internment movement and struggle in Ireland and across the world and you will never march or protest or fight on your own because comrades we here in the Anti Internment Munster will always be standing beside and alongside you.


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