Anti Internment Occupied Canada Launched

16 May

On Thursday a variety of social forces came together to create the group Anti Internment Occupied Canada. The purpose of this group is to fight for the freedom of all Irish POWS as well as the political prisoners and prisoners of colonialism in Occupied Canada.

A statement of unity based on 4 Points was adopted as well as intense discussion on the situation in Ireland and here. The four points are

1. Support the just liberation struggle of the Irish and Indigenous people against colonialism.
2. Non(political) Sectarian defense of ALL Irish POWS regardless of political affiliation
3.Refuse to recognize the right of the colonialist courts to try Indigenous people, refuse to recognize the legitimacy of settler british occupational forces in Ireland as well as here
4. Support Indigenous and Irish initiatives for sovereignty.

The event was full of many speeches including speeches from our comrades in Toronto who run the Sunday servings and do community patrols. The comrade from this group talked about as Indigenous people their responsibility to the territory as well the great law of peace, the only legitimate law of this territory. Another comrade spoke about Indigenous prisoners, as well as speeches from Halifax, Montreal, and Ireland were read. This was finished by a presentation of political repression of the Quebecois and the birth of the resistance movement, as well as lessons from the student strike in 2013.

The meeting ended with great unity around the creation of this project.


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