Independent observers description of visit to Freddy Barsoum’s mom nursing home

16 May

We went to see freddy’s mother today again, but this time we were many. 6 of us, including Freddy, went to the Care Center in Kitchener-Waterloo with the Power of Attorney paperwork. Our mission was simple : bring Freddy’s mother home peacefully.

We had gone the day before and the nurse in all her arrogance demanded to see Freddy’s Power of Attorney. Well when we came back the next day, we were barred from seeing her. The staff that came out to deal with this problem were higher-ups in management, including the one and only Debby Riepert, Chief Operating Officer. They insisted that there was « new information », that there was a « new Power of Attorney ». When we demanded to see it, they refused. They called the police on us for standing in the lobby silently and peacefully in support of Freddy.

« Where’s Reg? Have you called Reg? » said one of the head nurses. Reg being Freddy’s brother who is one of the orchestrators of the kidnapping

Debby insisted on saying multiple lies to our group and to us. As the leadership of the Care Center, for her to lie in order to seperate a family, in front of Freddy and his supporters. Trying to divide our group by saying to me that « I know what it looks like, but you don’t have the full story. I understand why you are here ». I told her that I understand why she is here much more than she understands anything about why I was there.

Here are a couple of Debby’s lies :

-That court is over
-That there is a new power of attorney
-That Freddy’s is deceiving his supporters
-That Freddy can only see his mother alone and not accompanied by anyone else

Little did Debby know, we have managed to record her lies and she will be exposed.

As so many people die alone, without family who love and care for them, this struggle shows the absurdity of this system we live in : 5 people are fighting to visit Mary Barsoum, and the so-called « Care »center that is supposed to be watching for her health will not allow her to see people, and insists on keeping her isolated.

That re-affirmed our commitment, as a group of indigenous, white and migrant, women, men and trans, straight and queer but ALL of us working class supporters of Freddy’s struggle for for his mother. We have the confirmation that ours is the struggle for life, love, peace and respect and theirs is the struggle for collective

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