Revolutionary Greetings From Halifax

16 May

“On behalf of The Provisional Unit of The International Department of The 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It is with great enthusiasm I write you with the prospect of establishing a permanent International Unit of the 32CSM here in Halifax. Early last month comrade Julian Ichim traveled here from Kitchener-Waterloo to assist in a small public roundtable discussion at the public library concerning the current state of political prisoners and POWs at the hands of the British imperialists, as well as the current conditions in the occupied 6 counties. Though few, gathered in attendance were friends, family, comrades from the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) and the No Harbour for War organization.

Given the arrival of the Irish in Nova Scotia, known amongst them as ‘The Land of The Fish’ (Talimh An Eisc) in the 1600’s, their relations with the Scot and Ulster Scot settlers, Acadians, First Nations Mi’kmaq and other oppressed peoples, the growing Irish diaspora here in the Maritimes and indeed all of Atlantic Canada including Newfoundland has given both me and Julian enthusiasm in establishing a sizeable and prominent unit of the 32CSM here in Halifax.

I eagerly await further communication,




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