Statement from the 32CSM

16 May

On behalf of the 32CSM I congratulate you in taking a stand to create an broad based organization to fight racism and colonialism in Ireland and So called Canada. Canada like Ireland is a settler state build on the backs on the Indigenous territories that they occupy. To the colonizer all we are is cheap resources and we create the vast market of unemployable labor, the cheap tool of the capitalists to keep workers in their place.

We stand with you
in your struggle for freedom

as your struggle is our struggle and by creating this organization of Irish Republicans, native folx, and settlers we are building a new road to unity and a solidarity of the people who will not only be able to resist the british empire and their commonwealth puppets
but will be able to defend our movements for sovereignty, as an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. We congratulate you not only for standing with us but fomenting resistance in the colony weakening the empire until it will collapse and our day will come


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