Actions Across Canada To End the anti Romanian attack on Dr. Camelia Smicală Jalaskoski

27 May

Dr. Camelia being attacked by police

Last Sunday people in Kitchener, Toronto, Guelph and Montreal took to the streets in support of Dr. Camelia Smicală Jalaskoski whose children were taken away due to the anti Romanian sectarianism in Finland. Camelia, a Romanian doctor married a Finish man who was abusive and an alcoholic. She divorced him and as a result of the anti Romanian sentiment in Finland custody was granted to the husband. Due to his negligence the state took the children and when they ran away to their mother the police physically and violently removed them. She is currently facing a six month sentence as a result of this.

Given the racist nature of the courts people across Canada took to the streets to say enough is enough. From Toronto to Montreal people took a stand in defence of her right to have her children as well as condemned the Romanian government who priorities licking the boots of the EU ti defending its own citizens. This is the first in a series of actions that we will be taking to struggle for her children to be returned. People were quite receptive and as a result we will be planing a phone jam of the Finnish Govt demanding that her children be returned as well as her sentence be dropped.



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