End the attacks on the International office of the 32CSM

31 May

Last Wednesday police surrounded the 32CSM International office and tried to force their way inside. Our comrade refused to let them in and police began taunting the comrade saying stuff like ahhh come on we just wanna talk” and decided the the front lawn of the office was a camping ground as the just surrounded the house and set up camp. Luckily our comrade knew another way and escaped to our lawyers office. The next day two woman comrades were approached and questioned about myself, the 32CSM and the Royal Visit.

Friday morning my dad was interrogated by the police and and asked about my whereabouts as well as my cellphone number . At this point we approached the community liaison officer for the Waterloo Regional Police who said he had no idea about this nor has he heard anything, in other words the on the ground police were unaware that this was going on. We also approached the mayors office and other sources in power where we learned that this questioning was from out of town cops whom were quite interested in the royal visit and the 32CSM.

With this information and the information that I would be detained we approached the Waterloo Regional Police whom we knew would try to downplay it which works in our favor as if they plan any dirty shit we can expose them legally.

When I went in the room was totally silent and out of no where w woman cop comes all chipper and tells us this story that is so script, and kinda like yeah i dont mind all of you taping me please get these sound bites. anyways youse can see the video yourselves. Another update today someone else ws interrogated about me if what they say in the video is true isnt it case closed?

Some other questions if it was because of hate crimes wouldn’t the community liaison officer know, what does the 32CSM have to do with this, Why encircle our office to interrogate someone who is clearly not me? What does the royal visit have to do with this and whats with the sheep like strange silence when I first walk before Ms. Perky comes and is all smiling for the cameras.


2 Responses to “End the attacks on the International office of the 32CSM”

  1. doug June 1, 2017 at 1:59 am #

    You must think your pretty important Julian but in reality your just another loser and nobody gives a shit about you or your stupid 32CSM. 32CSM International office……what a joke.lol

  2. waterlooregionadvocate June 3, 2017 at 6:59 pm #

    Clearly at least two people/groups care about Julian and the 32CSM. That would be Doug (a frequent commenter) and the police.

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