32CSM Speech read at meeting in Montreal last week

7 Jun

comrades and friends i thank you for coming out to this meeting that is the founding meeting of anti internment in Occupied Canada
Despite police repression and attack on our office and the attempts to criminalize and harass our comrades with the purpose to stop this meeting this meeting is still happening
we are unified in common cause against a common enemy which is british imperialism
and what scares the state is the fact that Irish Republicans, Indigenous people, our Bolivarian Comrades in whose country’s we will be opening up offices in the next few months,Palestinians and Iranian are joining together in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity
with the purpose of chasing out the invaders
and creating society fit for humans
we congratulate you for taking this step here in Montreal where the Ango supremacists crown sent in tanks and declared martial law in the 1970’s to crush a just people’s demand for sovereignty and self-determination
thank you very much for your time


One Response to “32CSM Speech read at meeting in Montreal last week”

  1. KnowYourRights June 9, 2017 at 1:40 pm #

    HAHAHA .. it’s NOT your land dummy. Canada is nothing but a for profit, criminal organization, and you’re it’s puppet. Canada and you as part of it still owe Trillions of dollars to the people. So, pay up, repair damages you and Canada have done and get the fuk out … back to that cesspool of a dump you call Britain.

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