Speech at meeting of Anti Internment Occupied Canada from Anti Internment Munster in Montreal last week

7 Jun

Speech of Solidarity and Support to the new Anti Internment in Occupied Canada branch in Montreal. 27 May 2016

Comrades, friends and supporters. So great to have you all here today to spread the Anti Internment Movement and Struggle further afield in Occupied Canada and Occupied Quebec. It is such a high honour for Irish people and patriots to sing praises and address the noble and heroic people of Montreal who have risen numerous times against the same tyrant and invader as we have fought against and resisted for over 800 years now, infact 848 years this very year comrades. The Quebecois gallantly and heroically resisted and continue to resist Brit and Canadian settler and invader aggression and tyranny to this day. We in Ireland and you in Quebec along with the First Nations peoples and the largely forgotten Scottish Gaels of Nova Scotia are to this very day struggling and striving for language, political, national, human and civil rights for our respective peoples in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, Isle of Mann, Galicia, Asturias, Quebec, Corsica, Catalonia, Basque and the illegally invaded lands and territories that make up Occupied Canada today. It is such an incredible honour to be addressing the very people the Quebecois and French Canadians in general who were the very people who took in countless thousands of Irish exiled orphans who survived the coffin ships during the Irish Holocaust of 1845-1851 inwhich the Brits wiped out over half the population of Ireland in a terrible and horrific genocide that they have the cheek to call a famine. A famine it was not comrades. They murdered 6.2 million Irish Gaels in an act of mass genocide and starvation. There are mass graves all across Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and even parts of America and especially Occupied Canada to prove it comrades.

In Quebec that is where the gallant and blessed people the Quebecois and wider French Canada saved countless numbers of exiled Irish orphans from death and enslavement to imperial Anglo Canada by taking these children in and rearing them as their own kids. Saddly this heroic event is not more widely known and it should be comrades especially in Ireland, Quebec and Occupied Canada in general. The brave Quebecois families that took in the Irish children who survived the Holocaust at home in 1845-1851 even went so far as to learn to speak Gaelic and encouraged the children to keep and maintain their Gaelic names and language, and of course with both peoples being Catholic and anti British it helped alot too. Now today around 40% of Quebecois are of Irish blood or descend purely down to the rescue and adoption of Irish exiles fleeing and surviving the Irish Holocaust of 1845-1851. Now take that glorious example of human dignity with the actions of the puppet anglo government of Occupied Canada in remembrance of the Irish Holocaust. In the city of Toronto for example the exact location of a mass grave of Irish Holocaust victims that fled to Canada is part car park and part dog toilet or shitting area. This on the graves of unknown thousands of Irish Gaelic victims of genocide in a modern city of Toronto, Ontario in Occupied Canada. What a crime against the Irish and infact wider Gaelic and Celtic nations comrades. And the Anglo puppet government of Occupied Canada know this very well and continue to use this area as a dog pooping spot. This itself is a clear declaration of war upon the Irish Nation and Celtic people everywhere. So lets also remember and recognise that the original Irish Republican Army actually invaded and over ran what is now Occupied Canada invading from the US in 1866, 1867, 1871, 1875, 1878, 1881 and on til 1895. Historians of Occupied Canada have either played down or ignored and covered up the Irish invasions of Canada/Occupied Canada because it was on the soil of Occupied Canada between the 31 May and 2 June 1866 that the Irish Republican Army won 4 of Ireland’s greatest ever victories over the Brits at Fort Erie (31 June 1866), Ridgeway (2 June 1866), Limestone Ridge ( 2-3 June 1866) and Second Fort Erie (3 June 1866) in Ontario during the 1866 Irish invasion of Canada to sieze it from the Brits and declare an Irish Republic on occupied Brit imperial territory. Only very recently has any Canadian author or celebrity attempted to honestly explain the Irish invasions of Occupied Canada which is a crime in itself. This man’s name is Peter Vronsky in his 2011 book called Ridgeway: The American Fenian Invasion and the 1866 Battle that made Canada. While the title is incorrect as it was an Irish invasion and the fact that the book comes at it from a Canadian point of view it is unbiased and respectful towards the very much mocked and malligned Irish invasion plans and actions.

All of this is no surprise to us comrades when you take into account the lies and cover up around the actual flag and symbols of the Anglo puppet regime of Occupied Canada. Just look at that symbol of the Orange Order in Occupied Canada the Maple Leaf. It is on the flag of the country that was illegally brought into being. The real flag of Canada was the flag of the Patriotes in the war of 1837-1842 or the Patriote Wars which were the long Tricolour of Green, White and Red and sometimes along with a gold star symbolising independence. The green of course stood for the Irish, White for hte French and red for the English of Canada. The Republic they declared and established was led by a Scottish Gaelic exile whose parents had fought for freedom and liberty in Scotland and who were forced to flee in the aftermath of defeat just like many countless thousands of rebel Scots after the Jacobite War or Fifth Jacobite War of 1745-1746 or 1759. William Lyon Mac Kenzie was a true freedom fighter and Patriote and lover of all freedom loving nations no matter where they came from. Today other Gaels in Nova Scotia fight and struggle very hard against great ignorance and discrimination for equal language rights for their beloved Gaelic language which is itself a unique dialect of the Gaelic language called Canadian Gaelic and it is infact a more ancient and purer form of Gaelic than that spoken today in the Gaelic lands of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Mann.

And today the Gaels of Nova Scotia are suffered vicious and uncalled for persecution and discrimination of their native language and the language that their exiled ancestors brought with them as they too fled genocide and near extinction as a people in the aftermath of the 1745-1746 and 1759-1760 wars in Scotland which tired and failed to restore Scottish national independence from Brit rule. The regime in Occupied Canada first went after the Gaelic language of Nova Scotia from the early 1900s to the 1970s when they thought they had wiped it out. This vicious persecution and war against a language almost succeeded and it was waged purely because the puppet regime in Ottawa feared the Gaelic languages as they believed them to foster rebellion against the Brit crown and hatred of Brit rule. But thankfully today there are those in Nova Scotia fighting to revive and return the Gaelic language to its proper place in Nova Scotia. Just imagine comrades there were 2.5 million Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia alone in 1901 and it was almost at nothing by the 1970s, but now it is just over the 2,000 mark and steadily rising.

Let us remember the great rising or war waged by the FLQ for the liberation and independence of Quebec from 1963-1976 comrades, and the fierce and bitter fighting and struggle that started and revived French language and culture in Quebec as a result and especially in your great and glorious city of Montreal which saw much if not most of the fighting between Patriotes and Canadian invaders and occupiers. It was truly a great war that almost was won but for unforseen actions of the collaborators who only spoke and speak French when it suits or benefits them

So comrades let us all arise across Occupied Canada and rebel and resist the colonial forces and puppet regimes and reestablish the independence of the First Nations and let you all arise or rise up in Quebec and declare independence from the Brits again comrades. What is the worst they can do today? We in Ireland as always will be behind you and beside you in any coming fight or struggle that you wage for your freedom. Vive Quebec, vive Montreal, vive libre.


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