Anti Internment Munster MSG of Solidarity to the ILPS meeting in Montreal

14 Jun

Speech for the 100th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

Honored comrades, allies and supporter, today we honour and mark the 100th anniversary of the great Russian Revolution of 1917. It was an important date in Human and World history when after 3 years of pointless slaughter on the Eastern Front of World War I or as it is known in Russia, the Great Imperialist War the Russian people rose up against the crimes of the tsar and others in the ruling class at the time and overthrew the tsarist regime and established a people’s republic for the peoples of Russia. Saddly another revolution had to take place later on in the year known to history as the October Revolution led by Lenin and his supporters in order to end the pointless imperialist war that was being continued by the provisional government that had been established in the aftermath of the February Revolution also in 1917. The October Revolution was largely bloodless and Lenin gave full language and other rights to the newly established smaller republics and ethnic groups throughout the new soon to be Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or USSR. Languages such as Georgian, Armenian and others which were suppressed under the tsars were promoted and protected under the Soviets, an act that is rarely remembered today with many in the west calling the Soviet Union the Russian empire by another name. Very few even in Ireland are aware that Lenin was one of the very, very few Socialists to support the Easter Rising of 1916 and the wars that followed for Irish independence. Very few are even aware that there were soviets set up in Limerick, Dublin and throughout Munster in many countless local areas from 1919-1923 when they were brutally crushed by the counter revolutionary forces of the Free State army and war machine who were backed up by the arms and money of British imperialism during the Irish Civil War of 1922-1923 inwhich at least 8,000 Irish people were to die. The Irish soviets of which there were too many to focus on here were all anti Treaty and pro Republican not only during the Tan War but also the Civil War that followed til they were violently crushed in 1923. The soviets re-established Republican rule and government in many areas laid waste by the Black and Tans during 1920-1922 especially and rebuilt the economy of those and other areas too. Many are also unaware of Patrick Mac Cartan and his mission to the Russian Republic during the War of Independence or Tan War from 1918-1922 in order to get Russian help in the liberation of Ireland. Had he succeeded in a deal it would have greatly increased and aided Irish Resistance and would most likely have promoted goodwill and understanding between the Catholic Church and Soviet Union during the American led Cold War. But saddly this was not to be. Mac Cartan came very close to an alliance or agreement between Russia and the Irish Republic in 1921 but Brit spies and intelligence forces wrecked the plan as they were in great fear of what the Irish Republic and Soviet Union might achieve together in their common fight for freedom for all man kind. The Soviets even gave the Irish Republic a good part of the tsarists crown jewels to finance and continue the war against the Brit invaders in early 1921. Saddle however this was not to be. Had the Irish managed to reach an agreement with the Soviets in time the world would have changed for the better but alas comrades we cannot cry over what could have been, we have to look and plan and drive forward with what can be tomorrow. Sadly the Soviet Union is no longer with us and because of this the world is a far far darker place as imperialist forces run riot across the globe waging war on many different religions and cultures that stand in their way or look like they are about to stand in their evil way. We must continue the struggle until victory is ours once again comrades, and continue it we will.


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