ILPS Conference in Montreal successful in bringing together the struggles of the peoples and setting plan of action.

14 Jun

This Saturday there was a conference in Montreal to commemorate the 1917 Revolution. The purpose of this conference wasn’t aimed at glorifying past struggles but rather an attempt to get the progressive sectors of society to discuss how to build revolution through mass work. The event started with a panel that included Davyn Calfchild, a Hereditary Chief who is on a 13 day fast against the oppression of his people. The Panel also included our Filipino comrades, a Kitchener organizers view of the role of women in the post revolutionary society and modern struggles and myself on the role of national minorities in the Soviet Union and Irish Republicanism as well as mass ILPS organizers.

The conference then lead workshops The 32CSM was presenting in the workshop about International Solidarity. This workshop was also lead by our Haitian and Filipino comrades. The line we pushed is that to be able to engage in international solidarity first you must have something to offer and this can only be achieved by building revolutionary organizations here that can actually fight not just for issues across the pond but issues here particularly those issues similar to the groups you are working with and find common ground through those issues to allow collaboration.

Kitchener also did a presentation on revolutionary justice and building community resistance. The Kitchener comrades presented on the work of The Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade an organization engaged in community defense and support, Tent City and our current struggle for housing.

The event ended with proposals and discussion the issue of Tony Taylor and the Criagavon Two was presented and accepted to fight for there freedom.

The ILPS has over 300 member organizations across the world and this meeting is happening everywhere as we prepare for the centenary of the 1917 revolution.

A message of solidarity was sent from our comrades in Anti Internment Munster that will be posted.


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