Launching of proposal for solution to housing crisis a success

26 Jun

Julian and Don speaking at the event.

On Friday, in a public meeting with the representatives of several social agencies, we issued a our proposal, along with our deadline for the demands contained within to be met. We pinpointed the issues faced by our community along with our solution, hard won from practice and refined with a theoretical and social perspective. A guest from the RSM-Montreal delivered a personal testimony about the necessity of housing and political participation for affirming the personal dignity of ourselves as political subjects. Afterwords we addressed the concerns and elaborated the salient points of our proposal. We are glad to say that our proposal was positively received by the groups in attendance and there was constructive and clarifying dialogue between all organizations involved.

While we were in attendance, we were inform of a concurrent Community Consultation on the changing urban landscape in our city, which was coincidentally taking place at the same locale. Some of our comrades were able to participate in this as well after our public meeting was adjourned. Our friends and comrades raised crucial topics and provided perspective to the groups assembled there and voiced our concern as members of the downtown community.

With regard to our proposal, we need to hear the voices and concerns of you, the members of our community, so we can see this through and ensure a victory therefore we are going to be holding public meetings about the proposal at the Queens Street Commons at 5 pm, every Wednesday.


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