Court and Sheriff’s office missing documents and have no legal explanation for eviction of Freddy Barsoum and the 32CSM Int. Office

28 Jun

Digital Camera

Today we accompanied Freddy Barsoum to the second level to speak to the people who are gatekeepers to the legal records of court proceedings to get copies of the court affidavits filed on March 28th as well as the court transcripts from the 29th and 30th. To our surprise they said these documents don’t exist. This led to a long drawn out discussion where people who attended those court dates were like these dates happened and one security guard when asked remember one of those dates.

Seeing that this was getting nowhere we decided to go to the sheriff’s office and demand an explanation only to find out that the sheriff’s department is behind the same window that these people who magically lose documents work behind. We took a number and demanded an explanation and stated we would not leave until we got one. No one came for quite some time even though our number was called. We decided to sit until someone came at which point we were told that the sheriff was not there. One person decided to help us and when we gave him the address of the property they said that nothing has gone through the tribunal at which point we stated clearly this was fraud and at this point like the other court documents and dates this person disappeared when he realized how bad he fucked up.

Finally representatives from the sheriffs office came and stated that it was a writ of possession and that it was final. This was different then what was stated on the door and even if this was the case tenants and representatives still need to be notified which did not happened, and they themselves admitted that it did not go through the tribunal by responding to my comment this did not go through the tribunal with it doesn’t have to.

In conclusion this whole case is full of fraud and dirty deals and as far as we are concerned no legal process has been followed to take this house other then force, so we will in turn reclaim that which has been taken by force with the power of the masses.

The theft of our office and the home of Freddy and his mother shows the contempt that the state have for people and rule of law. This case is a clear example if the violence of the system that is accountable to no one not even their own bourgeois standards.

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