Freddy Barsoum leaves house cops declare it vacant, ignore one year lease of the 32CSM International Dept.

28 Jun

Today Freddy decided to leave his house and in his absence the police and the sheriff declared it vacant and changed the locks. This was done without going to the tribunal or following any rule of law. Freddy was made aware of this by a police officer as well as a community mental health worker who was there if he wanted to talk about his feelings. Freddy seeing this as the insult that it is told the working centre staff, who were there because the police spoke to him at the working centre, to tell the police to stop insulting him and leave him alone. Freddy then attended the police station with myself who gave no explanation other then to say that the sheriff and police did attend his property.

Freddy myself and others then went to the place where he lives to find the locks changed and a notice of vacant possession on the door and the locks changed. Since the house was not vacant and the 32CSM Int. Dept. has a 1 year lease we looked around till we found an open screen door. We then entered the place and noticed that the whole place was tossed around as if someone was looking for something. At this point we noticed the bathroom door was locked and after awhile someone who identified themselves as a security guard locked themselves in the bathroom threatening to call the police. We responded that since this property was not vacant and no rule of law was followed he was the trespasser. We called our lawyer and prepared ourselves for police to come. Police came and refused to speak to our lawyer and proceeded to remove us. after we were out we found out that the security guard was really Freddy’s brother whom has illegally connived to steal the property from Freddy’s moms and put her in a home against her will and Freddy’s will so he could get the property. Freddy’s mom Mary is currently being held against her will and the will of Freddy whom has the Power of Attorney as a result of the actions of Freddy’s greedy brother Reggie. This notice of vacant possession is fraudulent as it is clear that Freddy lived there and the Int. Dept. of the 32CSM has a one year lease and is another underhanded move by someone who has no problem screwing over his own mom for money.

Tonight Freddy is homeless as a result of this illegal act.

We call on people to join us as we reclaim this property. Anypne who can camp out tomorrow should come to 530 Westvale and join us as we stand in defense of rule of law and against illegal evictions.

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