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32CSM Speech on Internment of Tony Taylor in Montreal

24 Jul

Today in Montreal the Montreal branch of the Int. Dept of the 32CSM had a public meeting on internment.Speakers included Yafa jarrar (daughter of Khalida Jarrar), Native Hereditary Chief Davyn Calfchild myself and our comrade Freddy Barsoum. Here is the content of my speech. During this presentation Toronto Police decided to act as tools of Homeland Security and come by where I was staying to harass me.Despite this the event went quite well.

Comrades and friends thank you for coming out today to discuss the case of Tony Taylor and Internment in general in the occupied six counties
As Quebecois you too have experienced internment, during the armed occupation known as the October crisis, you who are the
inheritors of the teachings of Charles Gangon know what Internment is
how many Marxist Leninists were rounded up and disappeared during the October crisis, how many true nationalist have experienced interment during this time
In occupied Ireland Internment is a fact not only during moments of uprisings of the peoples movement but 24 7.
Internment is an inherent part of the occupation
the military boot to keep people in line. In the case of Tony Taylor one day someone just showed up and lifted him
no charge
no trial
no explanation
when his family asked for an explanation none was given.
only that he is a dissident
the word they use to brand those of us who refuse to bow our knees to the queen
and uphold the principles of the 1916 proclamation
for 500 days he has been held
solely on his political view
that he wants an immediate withdrawal of the brits from iIreland.
The 32CSM has taken a stand in defence of Tony Taylor on a non sectarian basis
we believe britain has no right to imprison irish people who are refusing to accept the occupation.
we call on you as comrades in struggle against british colonialism to take a stand in defense of our imprisoned comrades. Free Tony Taylor Free ALL POWS

32CSM presentation at International Romanian Culture Week in Hamilton well recieved.

11 Jul

Today I did a presentation on behalf of the International Department of the 32CSM on the significance of Prince Charles declaring himself the prince of Transylvania. My basic thesis was that this presents a clear and present danger to the people of Romania and that we should unite with those who are fighting British imperialism to create an international united front against British colonialism. Furthermore I pointed out that this is not possible if the Romanian state is in the hands of traitors who care about money and prestige at the expense of the people. The presentation had the audiences full attention and the points that I made resonated with many listeners.

A greeting from an ex POW was prepared for this occasion and here it is below.

just got back from the docter
Are you OK
i guess im alive lol
impacted wisdom tooth
Mon 10:25am
ring me
Mon 11:50am
I was an Irish Republican POW that was imprisoned in a Brit imperial hellhole for 6 and half years from 2009-2016. My experiences as an Irish POW in a Brit gaol were horrific to say the least. When I first arrived in Maigh gCaibre we as POWs were only allowed out of our cells for association for 1 hour and sometimes only 3 hours a day in total. We were also randomly strip searched by sick minded and twisted screws who enjoyed what they did. We eventually rose up in Easter 2010 and took over the canteen and barricaded ourselves in and held out for 2 days. Eventually we ended the siege ourselves and resumed the protest from behind our cell doors and everywhere else we could. We went on dirty protest in 2010 and instead of putting our waste on the walls of our cells we threw it out on the landings where the screws worked and ate and we forced them to live in our filth. Well we broke and defeated them after 4 and a half months when the Brits came to us mere POWs us mere Irish and begged for a truce and we got the August Agreement or Roe House Agreement out of it. But the Orange imperialist and bigoted screws could not help themselves and right away started breaking the terms of the agreement. Only 6 of us resumed the fight and all we could do was refuse to conform and refuse to strip for the screws coming in and out from court. This was the No Strip Protest. It lasted from at least September 2010 to May 2011 when we were again forced to wreck our cells and rise out against the screws once more. We rose again on the 6 May 2011 and this time the protest was a long hard struggle that went on for 19 months until we ended it on a position of strength on the 19 November 2012. The strip searches were horrific to say the least. What happens is you are on your way to court and you are put into an enclosed cell and the governors and other fools try and threaten you into taking your clothes off. Off course you refuse and then after a short while they send in the riot squad to strip search you. Usually 4 will storm in at you with 2 grabbing your arms 1 grabbing your head and the other grabbing the other half the lower half of your body. the screws holding each or your arms will use painful wrist and arm locks to twist and force your arms into position so they can get the top half of your clothes off and the 1 behind will take your bottom half off. The screw holding your head usually either stand or knee on your head with his full weight which is not as painful as the arm and wrist locks. There is a fifth screw always standing in the corner with a camera recording it all. After your clothes are removed the screw standing behind will pull your arms up way behind as you are lying prostrate on the ground and while the other cowards all race and scramble out of the cell. That is the story what forced strip searching is like for Irish Patriots and Republicans today in the Occupied 6 Counties of the north east of Ireland mo chairde.

Urgent Phone Jam To Free Freddy Barsoum. Starting Tomorrow Untill He is Freed

1 Jul

We are joining all our friends and supporters to join us in demanding the unconditional release of our comrade Freddy Barsoum.

Since his mother was taken from him he has gone through a year of personal hell. It is quite clear that this most recent attempt to break him is political in nature and as such Freddy is a political prisoner. Freddy has not broken any laws and last time the police and his brother have tried to use mental health to criminalize him he was given a clean bill of mental health. Let us show Freddy that he does not stand alone. Let us show the state that we stand by our comrades. We call on everyone to demand his unconditional release and to end this torture that he is going through.

Below is a list of individuals and institutions with the power to free Freddy. Let us show them that these crimes will not go unanswered and that the people will not stand for this.

Grand River Hospital
(519) 742-3611 ext. 6880

Attourney General

Chief Of Police- Bryan Larkin
(519) 650-8500 ext. 8700 |

Freddy Barsoum Illegally Arrested In Attempt To Criminalize His Just Struggle For the Return of His Mother As Well As To Shut Down 32CSM International Office.

1 Jul

Today as we were preparing to go and reclaim the 32CSM International Office and Freddy’s mom’s house, Police in collusion with his brother pre-emptively arrested Freddy. They refused to present the documents to Freddy or allow his to contact his counsel and searching through his possessions without any warrant or authorization in public. They did not respond to Freddy’s demand to see a mental health official or even present the documents outside of the police vehicle wherein they could be alone with Freddy and out of public view. Freddy’s legal and personal rights were trampled on in an increasingly brazen escalation of repression. The police were particularly forceful and intimidating owing to their repeated inability to unlawfully detain me. This follows the police’s pattern of targeting those closest to me to isolate me and demonstrate their power to punish me by kidnapping and hurting those I care about most. It’s sad that Freddy’s last words to me after we spotted his brother was not concern for himself but rather concern for himself but rather for my safety because his brother is prone to violent outbursts. The cafe that claims to have been helping Freddy in this struggle kicked us out and effectively left us on our own with knowledge that the police were targeting not just Freddy but all of us. A comrade of ours who had been attempting to film the arrest was also taken for questioning and identification by the police with the express purpose of impeding his attempts to record the proceedings during the time Freddie’s brother (with his prior history of aggression and intimidation against Freddy) was circling the cafe hunting for Freddy (as if the police were sincerely unable to tell the difference between a 65 year old Egyptian man and a 24 year old Anglo-Quebecois). During the arrest, the police cornered Freddy, intimidated him by repeatedly laying their hands on both their tasers and their firearms, and tried to remove him out of sight of the public. On a positive note in this bitter time of the ongoing cycle of shameful repression and resolute resistance, our comrades who had been present trying to assist Freddy and thwart the attempts of police were approached by community members who expressed a range of sentiments from concern for Freddy’s ongoing predicament and his campaign for justice to gratitude for recording the events and requests for information about the situation. We commend other members of the Community who bravely stepped in and interrupted the police’s attempt to take Freddy into custody with questions about his rights and the legitimacy of their attempt to arrest him.

Although they stated that it was for mental health reasons, no mental health workers were present and as of this moment our lawyers have not been able to determine which hospital he is being held in. Despite police claims that he is being held at Grand River Hospital, the hospital staff denied that Freddy was being held there.

Freddy is not diagnosed with any serious mental illness and in the past Freddy’s brother and the police have tried to do this to him and the doctors have given him a clean bill of health.

We feel that his arrest is part of a greater plan to destroy legal documents that will show Freddy’s claim to the home. Evidence of this is that when his house was illegally seized he asked if he could remove his belongings the police stated that he could until he started removing his court documents from the house. Police promised on camera that within 72 hours he would be able to return to the home to collect his legal documents. With Freddy out of the picture they can carry on shredding documents and destroying evidence that supports Freddy’s just claim.

This attack also helps the police to illegally shut down the 32CSM office however in both attempts they will fail as I have copies of a number of crucial documents in my possession hidden despirsed across the city in numerous house of our comrades and supporters. Some of these documents include evidence that before Freddy had the power of attourney, his brother was stealing money from his mother and having quite a good time with her having to pick up the tab and we have no problem making these documents public. Furthermore the 32CSM international department has obtain another office that will be functioning by the end of next week. Included are videos of Freddy’s arrest. A callout for a phone jam to free our comrade immediately will be put out shortly. If anyone wishes to come forward with information please contact me at these attacks on the 32CSM International Department and our comrades do not phase us and strengthen our resolution to intensify both our struggle for a 32 country united ireland and the return of Freddy’s mom. By these actions the crown forces are exposing themselves and showing people how little rule of law means to them. We will continue our struggle till final victory. Victory belongs to us.

Video Footage of the Arrest