32CSM Speech on Internment of Tony Taylor in Montreal

24 Jul

Today in Montreal the Montreal branch of the Int. Dept of the 32CSM had a public meeting on internment.Speakers included Yafa jarrar (daughter of Khalida Jarrar), Native Hereditary Chief Davyn Calfchild myself and our comrade Freddy Barsoum. Here is the content of my speech. During this presentation Toronto Police decided to act as tools of Homeland Security and come by where I was staying to harass me.Despite this the event went quite well.

Comrades and friends thank you for coming out today to discuss the case of Tony Taylor and Internment in general in the occupied six counties
As Quebecois you too have experienced internment, during the armed occupation known as the October crisis, you who are the
inheritors of the teachings of Charles Gangon know what Internment is
how many Marxist Leninists were rounded up and disappeared during the October crisis, how many true nationalist have experienced interment during this time
In occupied Ireland Internment is a fact not only during moments of uprisings of the peoples movement but 24 7.
Internment is an inherent part of the occupation
the military boot to keep people in line. In the case of Tony Taylor one day someone just showed up and lifted him
no charge
no trial
no explanation
when his family asked for an explanation none was given.
only that he is a dissident
the word they use to brand those of us who refuse to bow our knees to the queen
and uphold the principles of the 1916 proclamation
for 500 days he has been held
solely on his political view
that he wants an immediate withdrawal of the brits from iIreland.
The 32CSM has taken a stand in defence of Tony Taylor on a non sectarian basis
we believe britain has no right to imprison irish people who are refusing to accept the occupation.
we call on you as comrades in struggle against british colonialism to take a stand in defense of our imprisoned comrades. Free Tony Taylor Free ALL POWS


2 Responses to “32CSM Speech on Internment of Tony Taylor in Montreal”

  1. doug July 31, 2017 at 12:12 am #

    Free Tony Taylor????? Why?? He is a criminal and terrorist and belongs behind bars.

    • UN rep August 1, 2017 at 2:12 am #

      oh look who’s back, “doug” a supporter of imperialist capitalist British empire … a for profit criminal organization worse than any mafia to date. Who has killed Billions and displaced most of population on earth from they’re rightful lands, in the pursuit of control and profit. This makes YOU the ultimate criminal as well “doug”.

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