Tent City Update, when 1 becomes 7, long live our overdose prevention site!!!Long Live Tent City

10 Sep

On Aug 31st as a sign of good faith we evacuate Victoria Park and moved our tent cities to 7 locations to disburse the police forces that are not acting in good faith and are attempting to hunt us down like dogs. Our 7 sights are operational and will exist until there is no longer use for them. Given that fact that we agreed to prevent overdoses through the use of Naloxone these services are still available at tent city.

Since we started we have faced attacks by pimps nazi’s whom spray painted our tents and other such anti social elements. Some of criticized us for our use of force in extreme circumstances. I would like to point out a legal interpretation of the new self defense laws stated by Lawyer and former Conservative Party member Stephen Woodworth responding in his capacity as MP which clearly indicates Party approval. Not only can you use force to defend yourself and your property but you can go as far as to point a fire arm at someone threatening yourself or your property. This apply s to self defense of a third party. Anyone with basic fire arms training knows you don’t point a fire arm unless you are willing to shoot the thing you are pointing to.

Given that the police clearly has no interest in sorting our problems and acts like a criminal gang the issue of defending ourselves and our community falls on us. This is clearly not a cart Blanche to do what we want but it is a legal indicator that we have the right to defend our community by all available tools. However our power derives from the people who sit discuss and find solutions our aim is not to punish but rather to isolate anti social behavior if words will not suffice and the anti social element attacks us using force by legal definition not only is the use of force correct legal but also morally. To sit by and watch a pimp take a 16-year-old and make her work the streets is not only legal wrong but morally wrong and if force must be met with force so be it.This is not only legal right but morally right and to sit and watch this while doing nothing not only makes you a coward but allows these anti social elements to have control. If you give in one inch to these forces they will take you for all you got. Until the police force stops murdering people like Beu Baker in the street and stop being an armed political wing of the state it falls on us to defend ourselves. Last year the region saw first hand with what we deal with when during a discussion we were attacked with a machete by a racist nazi hopped up on meth. I don’t know about you but I prefer to fight and live rather than die for some stupid pacifist principles that only make sense on university campuses.

Another issue we are facing is that police are taking our tents ignoring the supreme court decision that one of allowed to have a tent up between 9pm to 7 am. This shows that the police no longer follow the law of the land but rather do whatever they want. We are calling on this practice to stop as we see it as either a sign of bad faith on the part of the region or a police force that has gone rogue and does whatever they want. If these tents are not returned by the end of next week serious political action will be taken.

We call on the region to implement our proposal and although people from tent city are being housed as a result of our housing clinic and through our own efforts the root cause is not addressed and until the root cause of poverty and violence are addressed these problems will continue. Our proposal has a solution to these problems and the quicker it is implemented the more lives will be saved.

We desperately need donations of tents naloxone and food but most important we need political support share this article and when we put out a callout for a safe injection site and solutions to the drug problems as well as call outs for support when we are under attack please respond.


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