Hands off Tent City/Overdose Prevention Team!!!! Safe Injection Site Now!!! Phone and email Jam

17 Sep

Starting Monday September 18th-October 5th

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic
Kitchener City Hall
200 King Street West, 2nd Floor
Kitchener, ON N2G 4G7

Phone: 519-741-2300
Fax: 519-741-2800
Email: mayor@kitchener.ca

Since August we have been running a tent city and an overdose prevention team to find people housing and create an area patrolled by the Overdose Prevention Team that has been administering Naloxone and saving lives to those whose drugs have been poisoned by scum with fentanyl.
As of September 1st we have been continuously hassled and attacked by state forces which has been making it harder and harder for us to perform our duty to save lives and house people.
Despite discussions with the region over the issue of the creation of a safe injection site, as well as other programs including prevention programs, tents have been seized, people who administer Naloxone have been followed, as well those known to the police to be involved in Tent Cities/ Overdose prevention team.
This has been done to find out where our sites are and to shut them down.
As a result of this people have died because they could not reach the site with one more recent death yesterday.
We have acted in good faith and followed our part. We ask that people call and email the mayors office and ask that the region call off their dogs- the police, bylaw etc.- and give us breathing space so we can engage in the discussions we are having and house people.
We also ask people to call the mayors office and demand that the opioid crisis be immediately addressed by implementing our proposal that includes prevention programs, harm reduction programs and a safe injection site now.
These people who are dying are our family members, mothers, sisters, brothers and part of our community and they don’t deserve to die simply because they have developed addictions.


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