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People take a stand in defense of Sanguen Health and the homeless

27 Oct

Yesterday in response to gentrifiers causing trouble for Sanguen Health, a harm reduction organization, and homeless shelters protesting them and demanding that they be shut down, people came out to say that they support Sanguen and the homeless shelters.

It takes a special type of stupid to say we dont want homeless people around and then demand that people close down a homeless shelter and harm reduction van. Despite the fact that Sanguen’s needle exchange has caused a significant drop in dirty rigs being found in the street they also want to close that down too. Like seriously anyone with half a brain knows that closing a homeless shelter will mean that there will be more homeless people on the street and that closing the one place that people can return sharps will mean more sharps on the street. Yet the gentrifiers are not really logical as they are blinded by their hatred of poor people and as dont think logically but rather just want to do whatever they can to socially cleanse the downtown even if it goes against their own interests.

People held signs saying no more overdoses and we love Sanguen and as people passed us by we explained to them what we were doing and why we were their. Given that the event was advertised on Facebook none of the gentrifiers showed up because not only are they illogical but they are cowards and did not want to be exposed as the hate mongers that they are. After all its one thing to yell at people in a van who are trying to help people and another thing to actually stand by your views in the face of public scrutiny.

People from the Van and shelter were happy that we were their and we will do whatever we can to support them and make sure that they continue to do the work that they do to serve the community without harassment from illogical creeps who hate the poor.

What is the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade and what are we fighting for

26 Oct

The Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade is a community organization that was created by a merger of the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Organization which was created in 2014 to take social responsibility for serves not provided by the state such as free food programs, housing programs building links between youth and elderly on a class basis and generally to meet the needs of the community as well as starting the dealing with drugs as a social issue project (our latest proposal on that front and the Peoples Community Defense Brigade which is a grassroots community group that patrolled our streets to stop police brutality, defend our community from NAZI violence, sort out disputes between the people and protect protestors from state violence. Those involved in the Peoples Community Defense Brigade were previously involved in Anti Racist Action an anti fa group which also confronted NAZIS and chased them out of our community which was formed in 1994. Given the ties between NAZIS and the drugs game we in ARA and then later in the Peoples Community Defense Brigade targeted them economically by targeting there source of income cocaine heroin and crack. (For a brief history of nazi violence in Kitchener check out this link

Given that our success at chasing out the nazis time and time again came from creating alternatives and mobilizing their base of support through The Spot the first youth run youth drop in centre in Canada where political and social issues were addressed and poor people could sort out their problems by mobilizing the people to take on the slum lords etc. It made sense to replicate this and merge the Alan Ryan People Community Organization with the Peoples Community Defense Brigade and create one organization that ACTUALLY serves the needs of the community and protects the community from both state violence racist violence and exploiltation of woman and vulnerable sectors of our society by predatory drug dealers and pimps.

Our work includes taking up social responsability by doing free food servings on days that their is no food programs in Kitchener, community patrols where we confront the enemies of our community as well as carry Naloxone to prevent overdoses, food and snacks for those who are hungry have tarps and stuff for homeless people as well as info on how to get into housing and solve disputes between the people by acting as mediators, host meetings where we push forward solutions to the drugs problem, advocate for people who are getting screwed by landlords welfare etc. and set up community events between parts of the community that usually don’t talk despite common class interest such as youth and the elderly etc.

Politically our agenda is to create dual power. In a state where the police shoot and kill you for being working class with mental health issues like they did Beau Baker, brutalize you because of the color of your skin and act as an occupational force to the people’s whose land we are on it is quite clear that another structure must be in place, one that comes from the community and is interested in promoting and solving the problems that the community face not from a point of criminalizing those who are vulnerable but rather to solve the problems. We aim at promoting revolutionary justice based on the ideals not of punishing and criminalising but rather dealing with the root cause of the anti social behaviour in our community which is poverty capitalism and exploitation by the state and parasitic forces who profit off of the misery of the working class. We seek to replace the sick system that we live in by creating alternative institutions and showing the community that we ourselves must sort out our own problems and take up the task of creating a society for being as opposed to this sick system based on profit suffering and death.

We have taken the name of Alan Ryan because we believe his life is a reflection of the values that we hold dear. As a warrior in the struggle for national liberation he lived and died for the creation of a just society fit for humans. His life was dedicated to serving the people by externally fighting the oppressive capitalist occupational forces and internally fighting the parasites that like maggots infest our community and profit off of their misery. We seek to continue the work he started to fight for socialism and our community and we hold him up as a standard that we aim to live up to.

Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade patrol and serving successful

23 Oct

On Friday The Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade patrolled the Ceder Hills Community. Due to the fact that many of us live and organize in this community we used this patrol and the lead up as a way of consolidating our work. We went and spoke to residents before hand explaining what our goals aims and objectives were as well as listened to problems that they were facing and seeing what we can do to sort these problems out. The patrol itself was pretty non eventful as the streets were quite empty except for residents with the lights on in there homes watching the patrol pass by. Even the alley leading from church street to Cameron Heights was empty of anti social elements which was fine with us.

On Saturday we had our free food serving replacing the serving that health department shut down. The serving was quite success with people showing up and the food being all gone quite quickly. We aim to use this food serving as a way to reclaim space from piece of shit gentrifiers as well as shit heads that poison our community by having social activities available that will mobilize our base of support, the working class.

We will continue this on a weekly basis and invite people who are interested to join us and take a stand in defense of our communities.

RIP Bruce Milne

20 Oct

I met Bruce first when I was a teenager and social activist he worked at ROOF which was a downtown place for street youth and I was street activist. We had many political discussions and disagreements esp cause as a Young Offender I was convicted of some real violent shit which was political so the question of tactics would come up. Now one must remember these were the days of the Heritage Front when it was the norm for a fascist to firebomb a home like the case of Mona Zettler and it was the norm for antifa to meet this violence with force of their own to protect the community.

Despite these differences we got on quite well because he admired my obsessive political nature and dedication to anti poverty activism and I admired his honesty openness and ability to discuss the issue of tactics simply as that tactics not condemning the person and being like you are horrible but rather sitting discussing and empathizing with the person even if he disagreed with the tactics or what the person did.

In 2001 when I was convicted for assault with a weapon for throwing chocolate milk on Stockwell Day who is the head of the pre conservative party formation The Canadian Alliance and later became minister of corrections during the G20 era and I was called the biggest threat to democracy by the powers that be at the time I did my community service hours at ROOF and we would have alot of time to talk politics poverty and what it means growing up poor. Since we had our own drop in centre called the spot at the time and were lacking resources he would let me stock the donations like food and clothing and shit and the last 2 hours of my community service was to go through these donations and make boxes of these donations for me to take to our drop in centre. Despite the fact that he did not get on with another person who worked at this drop in centre who had a bad class background he would allow me to make these boxes which allowed us to feed and cloth people because he wanted to actually help the people regardless of individuals involved in the project. Whenever we would fight for something at city hall be it the turning of the mayfair hotel into social housing or anything we could count on him to have our back.

After he retired from roof me and I was quite older we would go for drinks and talk politics. This started when we were both on the same grey hound bus and he broke out some beers and asked if I wanted one. I was like im not sure if we can and he joked around being like now who is the rebel and who is the conformist? After we finished some beers on the greyhound we went to a local bar got a jug of beer and chatted. Dont get me wrong we were not shit faced just had a slight buzz but we started to talk about different projects I was working on and would bounce ideas off of him how to approach them and implement them and he was very crucial in helping me with ideas of how to move the dealing with drugs as a social issue project forward. This ritual of us meeting for a few beers and getting incite on how to approach different people in the establishment for support was very useful. I would be like we are doing this and he would be like have you talked to so and so if not this is how you should pitch the idea and this was quite useful to making changes in Kitchener.

Despite the fact that he no longer worked at ROOF his heart was still in the right place and the thing that brought us together was our mutual concern for street people and ending the cycle of poverty and homelessness that made so many people vulnerable. Despite political differences which at this point were not so huge he would do what he could behind the scenes to support us politically not because he agreed with how we are doing stuff but rather he agreed with what we were doing and saw that as important pushing the question of tactics aside. When the 32s were arrested for coming to canada to do a speaking tour and the RCMP and the intelligence community were pressuring the community groups to have nothing to do with us because of our so called ties to “terrorism” and all that shite he spoke out behind the scenes in defense of what we were doing and pointed out that the 32s were a political movement and not on the canadian terrorist list so this was clearly a case of political persecution. Between the two of us over beers we would discuss at length the issue of the occupation of the Six Counties and the GFA which he was quite interested in because of his ethnicity and although their were difference of opinions our discussions were quite fruitful.

Hearing about his death yesterday made me sad because Bruce was one of the few genuine people who actually gave a fuck about people living and dieing downtown and as an ex con himself who turned his life around he has no illusions of jail rehabilitating people and such and tried to make the change in society by doing what he thought was right and actually building the a place that helps people. The downtown community is worst off without him as he was one of the last people involved in the charitable industry because he genuinely wanted to help people not to get a degree or line their pockets. I will miss him alot and so will all the people whose lives he saved simply by being there.

In Toronto People Stand with Venezuela

17 Oct

Yesterday a variety of social forces including the ILPS, CPC, CPC (ML), the 32s, Women Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu and others held a demonstration outside the canadian minister of foreign Affairs Chrystia Freelands office in support of Venezuela and against canadian intervention in Venezuela and in support of the elections in which the Chavistas won 75 per cent of seats.

Chrystia Freeland who is very proud of her gramps who was a NAZI is now trying to implement her grandpa’s policies by backing up NAZIS in The Ukraine as well as attacking any progressive state. Her current attacks on Venezuela deserved a swift response and yesterday it was quite clear that people here in Toronto are repulsed by her fascistic policies

Despite attempted provocations people held their ground were disciplined and stood united with the Bolivarian Revolution and Maduro.

The Christine Connor I Know

14 Oct

Over the last year the media has gone all out to attack demonize and criminalize Christine Connor. In a usual sexist manner she is being portrayed as some sort of femme fatale and instead of dealing with her politics like most woman she is being attacked sensationalized and commodified based on her gender as opposed to what she stands for. Even in progressive circles this type of slander that only a woman would face is not only allowed to be spread but actually believed. The idea that she somehow convinced young men to engage in armed struggle not only demeans Christine and her beliefs but demeans the political stands that people have taken and basically states that men have no minds of their own and whatever political views they held are irrelevant because Christine somehow cast a spell on them and they no longer could think for herself. Im surprised that they have not yet accused her of witchcraft and burnt her at the stake.

I myself know Christine Connor first as writing to her in jail and later talking to her and her family extensively over the phone etc. We first really started taking to each other while she was on house arrest and G4S would do everything in their power to make her life miserable. From home invasions to constant harassment the shit her and her family went through at the hands of the G4S , used as a proxy by the british state, was some real next level shit that had it happened in some Muslim Country we probably would be at war with them to bring them democracy and all that shit.

After that we would talk about all sorts of things most of which were political and while she was dealing with all sorts of shit from the state she would take the time to talk to me about the shit I was (and still am) going through at the hands of homeland security which pales in comparison to the shit she was dealing with. She always struck me as a principled Republican who always put politics in command and her honesty and openness about her politics and her views on things was a breath of fresh air.

We would also talk about everything from my health to the latest police bullshit to the present political situation globally and she always struck as a person who is kind caring and her hatred for injustice of any kind was inspirational.Ironically, given the way that the media is treating her, one topic we discussed several times is the sexism in the revolutionary movement as whole and the bullshit way woman in any political scene get treated.

Her conversations were honest open and principled. I am glad to have been able to talk and learn from her and consider her political views very well-developed, thought out, logical open and inspirational. I stand with Christine Connor and am very glad to have been able to talk to her learn from her and grow politically.

Attempted abduction of our comrade will garner swift response from Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade

13 Oct

“Any revolutionary movement that cannot defend its own membership, and cannot demonstrate its capability of defending its own membership, goes out of business anyway. We are in business as a serious revolutionary organisation and we are not going to be put out of business by anybody. The IRSP is organised and it is here to stay.” (Seamus Costello, March 1975.)

Earlier this week there was an attempt to abduct one of our comrades from the downtown area. We of the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade take this quite seriously and are engaged in an extensive investigation using all our sources to find out the nature of this action and who is behind it. As this happened in a public place and police and the state sat by it is quite clear that we must use our own resources to find out what happened and sort it out. If it is a pervert he will be confronted and exposed, if this is a political attack carried out by a pervert on the police payroll as we know many who are the same thing will happened. If it is Omega team under covers or any of the shitbags that gather intelligence for the police they will also be exposed and confronted.

Any further attacks on our comrades from any source will be dealt with swiftly and brutally according to the criminal code of canada which allows self defense of a third party. Anyone with information dont go to the police as they will probably tip off the perpetrator so as they can disapear, come tell your local representative of the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade.

Alan Ryan People Community Defense Brigade to take over free food serving and clean up Ceder Hills Community of Scum bags

12 Oct

On Tuesday a new unit of the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade was formed. The purpose of this new unit is to take over the free food program that the city shut down forcing people who rely on this to go without as well as to start community patrols of the Ceder hills community. The Ceder Hills Community is one of the poorest areas in Kitchener with an average income of 16 000 dollars an year for a family of 4. The poverty line in canada is 45 000 dollars a year. Due to the poverty and neglect by the city that wants to run this place into the ground so that they can build condos for the rich this area is highly targeted by parasitical agents who aim to exploit those who are already fucked over by the state.

Drug abuse, sexual trafficking and gang violence, particularly from racist scum bags id rampant and the state is using this pretext to shut down housing and have declared it a zone in a zone which means that stop and searches are an every day thing. Despite the fact that white people are per capita the biggest drug consumers and dealers it is minorities that are targeted by what is known as carding.

We plan to carry out the legacy of Alan by actually serving the people defending them from scum landlords sexual predators and Nazi death dealers. Our first food serving will be this Saturday at 4 and our first patrol will take place next Friday.

Meeting with Region Lays Groundwork For implementing proposal to solve drugs problem next meeting will be October 27th

12 Oct

On Tuesday we met with the Region to discuss our proposal on solutions to the drugs problem. The proposal was seen as something very positive and we discussed what must be done to implement it. We decided that we need to bring more social agencies on board and try to get as many in kind contributions as possible. We discussed possible obstacles and how to over come them. Our next meeting with social agencies and interested parties will take place at the Kitchener Public Library at 1 pm on Friday October 27th. All are welcome.

32CSM Int. Dept. Take over Liberal office in solidarity with INAC protesters!!!!!No More Native Suicides

12 Oct

On Tuesday members of the 32CSM International Department took over the Liberal office in Kitchener Center in solidarity with our Indigenous comrades whom have been camping outside the INAC office (office of Native Genocide and assimilation) since the summer demanding that the Trudeau government do something about the suicide epidemic that is plaguing the Native community. Our demands were quite simple that the demands of the protesters be met and something to be done about this campaign of genocide where children as young as 9 are taking their lives. We chose to do this because as an organization that is fighting against the Irish genocide going on in the North of Ireland our organization here on Turtle island has an obligation to support those who are resisting the genocide carried out by the kkkanadian state and we will not be good Germans sitting outside the gates of Auschwitz with our eyes closed ignore the genocide going on here. The occupation lasted several hours and when we finally met with the Liberal MP our demand was quite clear meet with listen to and implement the demands of the INAC protesters, end the suicide epidemic which is part and parcel of the colonialism implemented by the state. More occupations are to come until this matter is addressed