cops illegally try to enter my home ruin my morning coffee and ask me stupid questions about 32CSM

8 Oct

Yesterday morning at 4 am i woke up as usual to the dismay of my partner to have my morning coffee listen to motley crue and blog. Given my current health issue the so called coffee was instant de caf chickory root shite. I pour myself my coffee or what passes for coffee go to the backyard sit down and prepare to light my cigerrette when i see a tactical unit officer attempting to enter my home through the back door. I say this better be a fucken hallucination from the nitro glyrerin or ambian cause you have no fucken right to be here. The cop then pointed his flashlight to my eyes with his hand still on his gun and i can see others.

At this point in time the cellphone that i borrowed from my partner starts playing when i get out by ciaran murphy i shut it off. He asks me my name and then the unit number to which i dont answer and then starts asking me questions about the 32CSM and Irish Republicanism. I reply that I dont talk to Crown Forces. The pig then starts threatening to arrest me under the new anti terror law to which i reply arrest me. I then go inside and lock the door.

I send a fb msg to two comrades telling them what the plan is in case of arrest this plan has been laid out and approved already, as well as my fb is monitored so the pigs will know im not fucking around. I tell some other comrades what the craic is then when i take my face out of the phone i see my partner in the living room and they are really concerned and want to go see what is up. I argue that they need to go back to the bedroom and stay there. They keep on looking sad and upset and i tell them i dont have time to worry about you and me please listen to me. They go to where they are suppose to be looking upset and annoyed. This is good because the plan was if they got in I would turn myself over to them and not let them get into the house.

I called a member of parliment i get on with and they answer this better be important Julian, im like would i call at 4 45 am if it was not important to which she responds yes you do all the time. I told her what the craic was and told her to call off the dogs. Shortly after the police retreat behind the tree line. After that they leave.

After trying to figure out why they would try to enter at 4 am with people there discussion leads us to the understanding that i was suppose to be in the hospital but due to economic reasons the shittyness of treatment of people without a proper healthcard or coverage and my general exhaustion I did not go. (I called the hospital and they literally told me that all they would do is get my bp down and discharge me unless i had the above stated things these i can do at home) This pattern of harassment is fucked up and from now on if I leave my home to go to the hospital it would never be unoccupied. I never got to listen to motley crue and my shite coffee turned cold and more shitty so i had to get a de caf from tim hortons.

These attacks dont scare us and just prove that we are doing something right as the pigs wont even follow their own laws if they want to search my residence get a fucken warrant.


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