32CSM Int. Dept. Take over Liberal office in solidarity with INAC protesters!!!!!No More Native Suicides

12 Oct

On Tuesday members of the 32CSM International Department took over the Liberal office in Kitchener Center in solidarity with our Indigenous comrades whom have been camping outside the INAC office (office of Native Genocide and assimilation) since the summer demanding that the Trudeau government do something about the suicide epidemic that is plaguing the Native community. Our demands were quite simple that the demands of the protesters be met and something to be done about this campaign of genocide where children as young as 9 are taking their lives. We chose to do this because as an organization that is fighting against the Irish genocide going on in the North of Ireland our organization here on Turtle island has an obligation to support those who are resisting the genocide carried out by the kkkanadian state and we will not be good Germans sitting outside the gates of Auschwitz with our eyes closed ignore the genocide going on here. The occupation lasted several hours and when we finally met with the Liberal MP our demand was quite clear meet with listen to and implement the demands of the INAC protesters, end the suicide epidemic which is part and parcel of the colonialism implemented by the state. More occupations are to come until this matter is addressed


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