Alan Ryan People Community Defense Brigade to take over free food serving and clean up Ceder Hills Community of Scum bags

12 Oct

On Tuesday a new unit of the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade was formed. The purpose of this new unit is to take over the free food program that the city shut down forcing people who rely on this to go without as well as to start community patrols of the Ceder hills community. The Ceder Hills Community is one of the poorest areas in Kitchener with an average income of 16 000 dollars an year for a family of 4. The poverty line in canada is 45 000 dollars a year. Due to the poverty and neglect by the city that wants to run this place into the ground so that they can build condos for the rich this area is highly targeted by parasitical agents who aim to exploit those who are already fucked over by the state.

Drug abuse, sexual trafficking and gang violence, particularly from racist scum bags id rampant and the state is using this pretext to shut down housing and have declared it a zone in a zone which means that stop and searches are an every day thing. Despite the fact that white people are per capita the biggest drug consumers and dealers it is minorities that are targeted by what is known as carding.

We plan to carry out the legacy of Alan by actually serving the people defending them from scum landlords sexual predators and Nazi death dealers. Our first food serving will be this Saturday at 4 and our first patrol will take place next Friday.


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