In Toronto People Stand with Venezuela

17 Oct

Yesterday a variety of social forces including the ILPS, CPC, CPC (ML), the 32s, Women Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu and others held a demonstration outside the canadian minister of foreign Affairs Chrystia Freelands office in support of Venezuela and against canadian intervention in Venezuela and in support of the elections in which the Chavistas won 75 per cent of seats.

Chrystia Freeland who is very proud of her gramps who was a NAZI is now trying to implement her grandpa’s policies by backing up NAZIS in The Ukraine as well as attacking any progressive state. Her current attacks on Venezuela deserved a swift response and yesterday it was quite clear that people here in Toronto are repulsed by her fascistic policies

Despite attempted provocations people held their ground were disciplined and stood united with the Bolivarian Revolution and Maduro.

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