Irish Holocaust Action Montreal This Past Saturday Successful

14 Nov

On Saturday at 2pm, members and supporters of the 32CSM in Montreal initiated a commemoration of the Genocide of Irish people by the British empire in 1847 at Jean Talon Market. The masses showed their interest and support in not only the Irish peoples history of suffering at the hands of British Colonialism – but also their present struggle to free their land from the domination. The 32CSM of Montreal had important conversations with the community on the subject of national self-determination in Ireland and elsewhere.

We would like to thank the staff of the Jean-Talon market for their support and sympathy. It would have been impossible without them. Given the interest of the community in Jean-Talon, we will be returning to the market for many events in the future to spread the awareness of continued British colonial aspirations in Ireland and elsewhere against the infringement of the peoples right to self-determination whereever it takes place.

British colonialism continues to this day on the Island of Ireland in the north with the south being subject to the activity of British supported Death-dealers. The recent assassination of political activists such as Alan and Vinnie Ryan has shown that the work of the terrorist Brits. Canadian Imperialism is also making the move on the south of Ireland with speculation in the mining industry, and the South is generally faced with overall.

Down with Imperialism
Down with Colonialism.
Long live the 32CSM


One Response to “Irish Holocaust Action Montreal This Past Saturday Successful”

  1. doug November 27, 2017 at 4:04 pm #

    Irish Holocaust…yea right.LOL Never happened!!!

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