Thursday we stood with Sanguen and held a successful focus group on a safe injection site

14 Nov

On Thursday we held a very successful focus group on the need for a safe injection site. It was well attended and people got to express their views Today we will hold another one at 6pm.

This was followed by going out in the evening and showing support for the Sanguen van and the work that they do. Recently Sanguen, which provides harm reduction supply’s and food as well as winter clothing for addicts and those in need, has come under attack from reactionary forces that have openly called for the wiping out of poor people and addicts, particularly in Cambridge and as such we have decided to go out and show the community that people not only support the work that Sanguen is doing but that this work is necessary especially with the recent rise in overdoses as a result of the Overdose epidemic.

The attack on groups like Sanguen is part of a broader campaign to dehumanizing poor people and addicts so as to allow the anti social neoliberal austerity offensive to deny people these services which means life or death to poor people.

After all it is much easier to deny people the basic necessity’s that one needs to survive if they are seen as just a junkie or a bum as opposed to as a human being who is someone child, sibling or loved one.

By standing with Sanguen we aim to show that their is support for harm reduction and that the solution to the drug problem must be a pro human solution that is centered on the idea that addicts are human beings who must be helped and supported and are not the enemy but rather the victims of this epidemic.

By understanding that the addict is our sister our mother our child as opposed to some evil doer we can move forward in terms of solving this problem through recognizing that addiction stems from problems that these people are facing and that stopping people from ruining their lives with drugs starts by giving people a life worth living as opposed to making their lives more miserable through demonization criminalization and making them the enemy.


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