Phone Jam Tommorrow Monday Jan 8th FREE GARY DONNELLY

8 Jan

Tommorrow call the British Consulate in Toronto and Freestate embassy in Ottawa

(416) 593 1290

1 613 233 6281

Today Gary Donnelly, well known Irish Republican and friend of those fighting poverty and colonialism here in Kitchener, was arrested by free state police. This arrest is a clear case of Freestate harassment and collusion with the Brits. Call the Brits tell them to end the attacks on Irish Republicans, call the freeststors and demand he be freed now!!!

Republican Derry Councillor Gary Donnelly arrested in Donegal

Prominent Derry Republican and local Councillor Gary Donnelly has today been arrested by Freestate forces in Donegal. Gary was attending a commemoration marking the centenary of the Meenbanad Train Ambush.

It was widely known and publicised that Gary would be attending this event, the Freestate branch opportunistically used this knowledge to arrest him after the commemoration.

It is believed Gary is being questioned about the killing of the notorious tout Denis Donaldson. Donaldson was executed while hiding out in Donegal in April 2006, after being exposed as an informer for Mi5 and Special branch, in December the previous year.

Gary Donnelly was previously arrested and questioned in connection with the Donaldson Killing in September 2011, he was released without charge.

This fresh arrest is nothing short of harassment, no new evidence is being put forward to question Gary since his 2011 arrest.

Gary Donnelly should be released immediately

Irish Republican Prisoner News


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