Report on 32CSM Int. Dept. occupation of Liberal office in Solidarity with Venezuela

20 Jan

On Thursday January 18th, the 32 Country Sovereignty Movement Int. Dept. lead a peacful sit-in in the Liberal Party’s office in Kitchener Ontario, to protest the anti-democratic expulsion of the Venezuelan embassador from Canada. This expulsion was a decision made by the Liberal Trudeau governement, and we as peace-loving people that beleive in people’s sovereignty and equity beleive this is only fanning the flames of international intervention.

The 32 county Sovereignty Movement beleives in the right to Irish people, and therefore all people, to self-determination, which is a human right. The 32 CSM understands, as a movement representing a people under English occupation, that a people cannot be free and live in peace as long as their sovereignty is breached.

Venezuela’s progressive governement has been accused of being anti-democratic by the most powerful countries in the world. This accusation is echoing throughout the most powerful media souces, mostly based on american soil, like CNN, FOX, MSNCB, but also CBC and CTV, National Post, etc.

This accusation is not founded on fact, but is truly a case of the old expression that says that if you repeat a lie long enough you may just begin to beleive it.

Venezuela, in order to open up and increase their democratic process, recently installed a Constituent Assembly, which is yet another democratic instance where the Venezuelan people will be able to express their collective will. There was also a recent regional elections, that was internationally monitored, and the Pro-Socialist Maduro government won the regional elections as well.

These elections were not contested by the international observers who were on the ground. The only voices chanting that Venezuela is anti-democratic are also the voices that have begun to openly declare their intention of interfering in the internal affairs of Venezuela.

Such is the case of the Canadian embassador to Venezuela, who was declared by the Venezuelan State as no longer welcome, or person “non-grata”, because of the breach of international law that he was committing by violating the principle of State Sovereignty.

So Canada in return expelled the Venezuelan embassador. Why, you ask? Well, for absolutely no fault of his own, besides belonging to a State that is asserting is international right to sovereignty.

Have you ever heard of the saying an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind? Well this is an example of why “An eye for an eye” is not good international policy. This is not how we canadians want to do international politics. We as people living on this land denounce this act done in our name. It seems that Canada is just pandering to the United States interests, following the widely unpopular leader Donald Trumps footsteps.

We occupied the Liberal office because we want to make it known this is unacceptable. The Liberal office gave us a meeting with Raj and Bardish next week, so that we as members the 32 county sovereignty movement of Ireland in Canada can demand that the Venezuelan embassador be reinstated!

Long Live Peoples Sovereignty!


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