Tent City Activists condemn physical assaults on woman of tent city.

15 Aug

KW Tent City Condemns the recent string of assaults that members of tent city have had to endure at the hands of pro poverty bigots encouraged by the rhetoric of Cambridge City Council and groups like A Clean Cambridge whom openly advocate violence against homeless people particularly those who sleep in tents. As a result of this rhetoric members of Tent city have been jumped, beaten and stabbed in several incidents walking to and from Tent City.

This violence is particularly disgusting as many of the victims of this violence are woman, some of whom have had to be hospitalised as a result of this violence. Most of these attacks have taken place at night on the Iron Horse trail as well as behind the thrift shop on Kent. Some of those involved have been identified to us as Ulster Scots whom are loyal to the crown and further investigation will be carried out to identify these individuals for the purpose of knowing whom we are up against.

The manner of these attacks at night in deserted areas demonstrates the cowardly nature of these individuals, as well demonstrates the need for housing for poor people whom are open to these attacks because they have no safe space to go. It also demonstrates the need for tent city so that poor people at least have some sort of protection from right-wing elements anti social elements and state violence.


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