Tent City condemns police and NAZI death dealers violence and harassment

21 Sep

This morning the police went to Tent City and began intimidating people and threatening them.After they got their jollys from showing a bunch of down and out people how big their dicks are, they began demanding everyones name and information despite the fact that they had no legal right to do so. Those who refused to give their names were threatened with arrest and they (the police) would think of something to charge them with.

While these police attacks on tent city are going on several of our members have been stabbed, jumped and most recently getting hit in the head with a hammer.

These violent attacks are a result of the hate spewed by a group called a cleaner cambridge , wo on their facebook page and social media have pictures of people burning down tents and have open calls to commit genocide against poor people. They also have patrols where they hike on trails and destroying peoples tents which are their homes. this group is not a bunch of typical rednecks but are rather members of the bourgeoisie who are so delusional and filled with hate at what they created, poor people, that they seek to destroy them to ease their consciousness. Out of site out of mind.

If this is not bad enough the Cambridge Harm reduction alliance are supporting these types of actions and are participating in creating the mass hysteria that has lead to stabbings , the burning of peoples homes, as well as all sorts of violent attacks. The fact that they causing harm to the people they are said to be helping show how out of touch with reality the Bourgeoisie are.

This group also has support from the mayor of cambridge who single handedly destroyed and dismantled so many programs that assist poor people and single mothers and most recently sabotoged the creation of a safe injection site in Kitchener Waterloo and Cambridge.

Anyways its quite clear that a sort of Fascism from above has taken over and consolidated in Cambridge, a right wing agenda dictated from those in authority backed up by goons that act like his own private paramilitary backed up by a police force so corrupt that it makes Vic Makey from the show the Shield look like an angel.

These forces must be opposed before they take root and spread like a cancer. This cant be done by only one type of tactic but rather a sort of political alliance lead by the working class that unifys everyone on principles not tactics. A diversity of tactics are needed so that all can participate.


One Response to “Tent City condemns police and NAZI death dealers violence and harassment”

  1. doug September 24, 2018 at 12:39 am #

    Poor because of choices made by yourselves so stop blaming others for your problems!

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