Flyering for general strike a success

27 Apr

Today we went to the farmers market to flyer for the general strike against Doug Ford this may 1st. in total 4000 flyers were handed as we had to make more then the original 400.

Vendors took our flyers and handed the flyers to the patrons and all the people who spoke to us loved the idea except a group of 20 Ford supporters who followed me and gave few punches in the stomach to me while police looked on and did nothing.

Pops and food was provided to us by the vendors and people thanked us for taking a stand. The flyering ended with a banner drop and cheers from the patrons. All in all the people who were shopping there were quite clear that they are sick of Ford


One Response to “Flyering for general strike a success”

  1. doug April 27, 2019 at 10:53 pm #

    LOL What a fucking joke you guys are.A strike by people without jobs??? Don’t you need a job before you can Please tell me how that works out for you bums.

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