May day strike in kitchener a success

6 May

On May 1st 500 people gathered at Kitchener City hall to protest the Ford agenda. People there were from all walks of life. This action was part of a province wide strike. Despite all sectors being present there was not one word on the cuts being implemented against social services nor any discussion on the cuts to safe injection sites and how 1000s will die because of this.Talking to people in the crowd Myself and a reporter friend found out that 1 third of people showed up because of flyers, handed out day after day at the farMers Market and schools and stuff by people involved in the safe injection site and anti poverty work. When people asked if they could speak about this their voice of the toronto group Made it quite clear our role as poor people is to do the work and outreach and then shut up and get into line. despite this we spoke to lots people from groups and people froM the Multi cultural centre etc who were happy at our presence and the politics we brought to the event. In the future we as organized poor people and Minorites guillotine (1)will not be used to do all the work of postering and outreach to hear a bunch of white people soMe who said they spoke for the voiceless despite the fact the voiceless were refused to speak.NO THANKS IF YOU WANT AN ELECTION PLATFOR TO GET YOU NDP ELECTED DONT DRAG US INTO YOUR SHIT!!!!!!GOOD TO WORK BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO SPEAK!!!Still despite the ineptitude racist transphobic and classist views of the so called legite organizers who did it on the backs of the people the working class did show up and took a stand and that is our beginning to working class lead resistance


One Response to “May day strike in kitchener a success”

  1. doug May 13, 2019 at 11:52 pm #

    LOL How do unemployed bums go on strike???

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