the cop and the drug dealer

10 Jul

So i have been very sick lately i contracted a blood infection from an abscessed tooth and it spread to my heart and from there to my joints. Today my skin right above exploded leaking at least 5 cups of blood and puss. needless to say this was extremely painful yet despite this I had to attend court. My so called loved ones started yelling at me calling me a parasite and one of them attacking me with a mop. At court people treated me like a pariah stating how gross i was and and wanting nothing to do with me. I was also extremely thirsty and in severe pain. A cop came up to me with gauze alcohol to clean the wound tape and scissors. This cop helped me clean the wound and tape me up. She stated that I need to take better care of myself and maybe take a break for a bit to take care of my health. She also helped me find my lawyer to sign some papers so the lawyer could represent me in court so I could go to the hospital. Soon i found this lawyer with her help and got out of court and went to the hospital. The hospital said they would not operate unless i took some opiates and they could not give me any because i have a contract with my doctor that i could receive opiates just from him. My doctor is on vacation so I have no way of getting opiates legally, the doctor said its quite clear that you are not in withdrawal so Im sure you have a way to get opiates. I asked the doctor if he was suggesting I score drugs off the street he said all im saying is if you have a way of getting opiates you should do that or else we won’t operate.
I went home and have no money so the friends i have who have prescriptions wont give me anything. a little while later there was a knock at my door, it was a local drug dealer whom in the past I have had altractions with and called scum etc. I asked whats up and he said that he heard what happened in court today and I must be hurting I said I have no money and even if i did I wouldn’t give him any. He told me to calm down, we went upstairs and he broke off a piece of of a strong opiate he said he was giving it to me for free cause I really must be hurting. Although it was a strong opiate the stuff im prescribed is stronger i said half joking half serious can i get a bigger piece he said yes. After doing it I thanked him and headed to the hospital. In terms of the political work I do cops and high level drug dealers are usually on the other side of the class war and in our struggle we sometimes dehumanise them as the enemy. Yet today when my friends turned their back on me it was the enemy that treated me like a human and showed me basic dignity. This in no way means that I love the police etc I am against the uniform and what it symbolises crown forces, when someone puts on the uniform they are upholding the system of oppression and are foot soldiers of the state. Yet at the same time we can have a certain respect for an enemy who is principled and sees people as humans. The same way an enemy can have respect for us because of our principles.

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