of the friends who will be waiting when we all walk free again

24 Jul

So Im going to jail again. This experience of putting humans in cages and degrading them is common for those who take it upon themselves to take a stand against a unjust system set in place to destroy the souls of those that resist.I myself have spent in total 1 third of my life in jail and as a Republican set on building a true Republic I know i will spend more time in jail. So my latest arrest bail conditions and soon jail is not new, nor is it something I am ashamed of. I am proud of all I have done and regret nothing. In jail despite all the brutality you meet at the hands of the screws, the abuse and bullshit, solitary confinement etc. you meet comrades and some of the moments in jail the compassion from other prisoners and the solidarity you see in jail lasts a life time, as do the friendships forged in the belly of the beast. As a Irish POW once told me jail is niot the end of the struggle but rather another type of struggle. The struggle doesn’t end with jail but rather continues inside. This is true in jail the struggle against the screws to maintain your dignity and humanity and your very soul. To not be bowed to not be broken. I myself have always been a political prisoner and when i go back i will still be a political prisoner and there is nothing the state can do to take that away in the words of the players brigade so come on you screws and wardens dont you think that its a crime though you do the best to break us we will still stand and do our time!!!!

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