someone is killing prostitutes and junkies downtown Kitchener and no one cares

28 Jul

Yesterday I was quite sick in extreme pain and needing a cigarette as well as severely needing antibiotics as well as going through severe opiate withdrawal which just made the pain ten times worse. Given that I had no money and the pharmacy was closing in ten minutes its was quite clear that I was not getting any opiates or antibiotics so I went down the street to bum a smoke. On eby street I was able to bum a smoke and as I sat down to enjoy it I ran into a friend who has HIV as well as Leukemia. She just got out of the hospital for pneumonia and she needed a place to clean up before she went out to the street to sell her body so she could pay for a hotel room as well as get her AZT cocktail etc. I offered her to come with me to clean up. After awhile we had to leave due to the fact that someone was very drunk and angry that I took the mayonnaise and this degenerated into a fight where I was hit with a broom like a fucken dog.

She could not breath so walking up the street took about an hour and she was promising me a lot of fentanyl or whatever I wanted as long as I wouldn’t leave her. I said I wouldnt and I did not really want to take advantage of her despair. We went into a back alley where she could clean up. She said if you keep me awake Ill give you whatever you want my price was a can of pepsi she said there must be something you want more then pepsi, smokes and mayonnaise I said , joking shes like fuck off with the was quite cold outside so she wrapped me up in a shawl and some womens dresses which i put on myself like a blanket. For the next 5 hours I kept her awake while she brushed her teeth applied her make up put on a wig and made herself pretty.

During this conversation she asked if i wanted to watch her back while she worked. I asked her what she meant she told me don’t you know someone is cutting up street workers, I thought she was talking about the highway of tears or out in British Columbia so I stated that yeah i know what do you need me to do she told me that I need to watch her when she gets in car write down the licence plate and if she is not back in twenty minutes wait another 20 then if she doesn’t come back call the cops and tell that my friend got in a car describe the car and license plate. I asked whats the likeliness of this happening and she was like didn’t you hear what I said someone is killing street workers and junkies, im like yeah in BC she said no here, which was like shocking to know that someone here is offing people. She then told me several names of people who are missing.

We went on the street and I said I was going to grab a jacket and that I would be right back as there were several friends outside it made sense. Its like 5am at this point and I headed home to grab a jacket on the way home I got lifted and interrogated and by the time this was done it was like 7am she was not there but I Didn’t expect her to be there. By this time im in extreme pain my blood pressure is like 170 over 98 which is close to a heart attack its been 48 hours since i took anything for my pain so my withdrawal is quite bad so i took a bromazepam and a xanax to bring down my bp and pulse and get some sleep. I woke up quite late and after doing various things I got shot in the face with a pellet gun on my porch while i was having a smoke which I assume was in response to an action against the neo nazis who were having a demonstration today. Given to my state I did not go but I heard the NAZIS did not show up either and given my history as an anti fascist it makes sense that I would be a target the shot stung and I am fine but it was two inches under my eye. Basicly a car pulled up stopped in front of my place then it shot me and sped up. After this I went down to the strip to see whats up and I ran into several other friends of mine who work the streets and we started talking and they also were telling me that someone is killing street workers. I gave someone a dollar for the rest of there pepsi and we talked more about this and as I walked home I thought how fucked up things are we live in a system where someone who is extremely sick and should be in a hospital is selling there body just to survive, that people are forced due to economic war to sell themselves and in spite of this they are all getting killed and no one gives a fuck. Several years ago I lived up at church and Wellesley in Toronto and there was an active serial killer targeting queer people one person got away from the killer and went to the police only to have the police leave the guy with his killer because he said it’s a dispute. People who live on the margins of society can be killed all the time and no one gives a fuck. This serial killer in Toronto acted with impunity for several years. How many people will be killed in Kitchener before this person will get caught will they ever get caught I doubt it because under this system some lives just dont matter.

One Response to “someone is killing prostitutes and junkies downtown Kitchener and no one cares”

  1. doug August 2, 2019 at 8:04 pm #

    Someone is cleaning up the trash I guess.

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