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The Dred Scott verdict alive and well in Kitchener

20 Dec

As those who follow me on facebook know we have been fighting to keep open a store in downtown Kitchener that serves the community by allowing poor people to run a tab, get free food and have a roof over their heads when the weather is too cold.

This store has been the target of gentrification and social cleansing since the site of poor people disturbs the appetites of the rich who recently moved next door and as such Nadine the store owner has been the target of racist attacks by
the gatekeepers of Kitchener, the same ones that allowed Neo Nazi Wolfegang Drouge set up European Sound a front for the Heritage Front, invite holocaust denier Zundel and other revisionist scum to spew there filth and set up a bank account after world war 2 for the relocation of NAZI WAR CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!

The latest attack happened today in court as Nadines lawyer stated that she had a matter and to move the case to later in the afternoon. The judge agreed only to wait for Nadines lawyer to leave ands proceed without Nadines lawyer precent. The judge then ordered Nadine to leave her store serving her with a document that was clearly drafted and created before the court case even began.

In 1857 Dred Scott took up arms to defend his loved ones from racist lynch mobs at his case his lawyers argued in self defence only to be told that there is no right a black man has that a white man is bound to respect. Today in 2019 the Superiour court of Ontario shamefully upheld the Dred Scott desision, with this being what the courts stand for it is up to all people who believe in basic human dignity to defend Nadine and call the mayors office at 519-741-2345 and say what they think.