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serving the poor in Gentrified Kitchener

11 Feb

Today we did the free food serving in front of Nadines Store. When we got there we were welcomed by a woman with white hair that literally hate such hate in her eyes, she was surrounded by her body guards and has a truck that she was throwing Nadines stuff in despite the fact that it is not her property and despite the fact that Nadine was not given a chance to reclaim her belongings. When we were serving ensures power bars supplies and things that people needed we coiuld see the burned up money mart sign next to the dumpster that has Nadines stuff in at one point and magicallyu caught fire.(Those who know a bit about the history of
Kitchener know that fire is the best friend of the gentrifier and in the 1990s when those pesky arcades and strip clubs would not close they magically caught fire allowing the developers to move in and do what they want.kinda like what happenned with the dumpster full of Nadines stuff).

We start chanting support Nadines store free snacks and supplies and quickly got rid of two boxes of ensures, boost, lots of power bars as well as supplies that people need. Stuff was gone in like half an hour.
Of course those krafty people at krafty Ramadan noodles called the police to stop us but all they did was drive by and give us stink eye. Amazingly many people came and stopped by to show their support including my grade 2 teacher and these people said they were proud of the work that we are doing. Ironically alot of support came from neighbours and people who live by whom have seen us sloganeering, handing out food and supplies for the last little bit every day since we announced that we would do it. They said they missed Nadine, the store and the life it brought to the street. The life of people living their every day struggle crushed by a machine called gentrification.Yet the struggle isnt over as long as their is life their is hope and Nadines store will rise out of the ashes. Thos that want to support can go to the go fund me

until then we will be there every day handing out food and supplies showing that you cant get rid of the poor.

The containment state or why the bourgoise are illegally shutting down the duke corner store

27 Jan

The recent illegal closure of the Duke Street Corner Store by the landlord in collusion with the downtown business association and corrupt magistrates backed by police that serve and protect the rich and a sheriff just as corrupt as the sheriff of Nottingham in Robin Hood stories is part of the larger picture of incorporating the OIPRD model of community policing based on the failed PSNI model of policing (for more info check the following link!/2013/01/on-psni-influence-on-canadian-police.html )in which the community is policed to defend the interests of the ruling class despite the wishes of the people. Downtown Kitchener has been going through a process of gentrification in which the poor people have been pushed out of the downtown core to make room for the rich. One can see the dividing line on Queen street where on the one side you have the seedy area past Fredrick street Eby, Ceder, Madison where people live in squalor and the streets are full of sex workers, Fentanyl, crack and what ever else people sell or use to get by economically or mentally, the buffer zone which is king between Frederick and Queen where you have the dollar store, the working centre etc. and then the gentrified area which includes the wine rack which no longer sells sherry a drink of the poor and in turn is allowed to stay open till 11 to placate the google workers who live in the condos on this side of the street as well as stores and restaurants that cater to the needs of such yuppie filth. This summer many low level dealers and users such as filly learned the mistake of what happened if you congregate in front of the dollar store to meet your narcotic needs (heavy heavy jail sentences) and many panhandlers have learned what happened if you ask for spare change in the gentrified area (the police would come down with the full force of the law ranging from tickets to beatings).

In this climate Nadine a store owner saw more and more displaced people wandering downtown and one of them stole from her store. Like Saul on the road to Damascus she had an epiphany, if people were given a chance to work have a roof over their head and a tab as well as access to food would they steal? Borrowing from her experience in Jamaica she started tabs for street people, let them spend the night in her store, offer free food and give people a sense of ownership of the store and within a short space of time she noticed a difference. Street people no longer stole, many would volunteer to work to keep the store clean and would pay their tabs when their welfare came in. Those given a chance to work behind the till not only did not steal but contributed to the upkeep of the store. Problems were solved internally through de escalations and sit down and poor people were able to identify the problems they face discuss them with their peers and come up with solutions. One could see the difference because what Nadine did was create a society within a society a state within a state where the people themselves were the decision makers and no one was left to fend for themselves.

This brought down the wrath of Ramen noodles a yuppie restaurant that moved in across the street with the promise that Nadines store would shut down and sent on their way, the downtown business association which saw this place as a blight on their gentrified core, since her store was on the wrong side of Queen street and the police who could not patrol and control that area since the people solved their own problems. The landlord gave Nadine a five hour notice to vacate the premises which she refused and a whole legal and political battle started. After several months despite the fact that in court she won a stay of eviction she was removed by force of arms by police. As one can see in the documents above the court ruled Nadine could stay, a lawyer said a court decision was a mistake and the police3 and sheriff waited till everyones guard was down invaded the place and removed her despite the fact her belongings are stil inside and that they pulled the plug on her fridge destroying her perishables.

The modern bourgeoise state is dealing with poor people today by forcing them in certain areas to contain them one need only go to Vancouver to see the future of Kitchener Main and Hastings for the poor commercial drive for the rich. With Nadines store closed now we will see what community policing is all about. In the past if one was stoped by police at night they had a “reason to be out” now they don’t. Police carding , a vile process that targets poor people as well as minority communities, particularly black people, will be back with a vengeance. The name of the game is now where are you coming from where are you going and what are you doing. Poor people as well as undesirables caught in the gentrified areas will feel the full force of the law, and we will truly know what fascism is a boot stepping on a human face again and again and again.

The Dred Scott verdict alive and well in Kitchener

20 Dec

As those who follow me on facebook know we have been fighting to keep open a store in downtown Kitchener that serves the community by allowing poor people to run a tab, get free food and have a roof over their heads when the weather is too cold.

This store has been the target of gentrification and social cleansing since the site of poor people disturbs the appetites of the rich who recently moved next door and as such Nadine the store owner has been the target of racist attacks by
the gatekeepers of Kitchener, the same ones that allowed Neo Nazi Wolfegang Drouge set up European Sound a front for the Heritage Front, invite holocaust denier Zundel and other revisionist scum to spew there filth and set up a bank account after world war 2 for the relocation of NAZI WAR CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!

The latest attack happened today in court as Nadines lawyer stated that she had a matter and to move the case to later in the afternoon. The judge agreed only to wait for Nadines lawyer to leave ands proceed without Nadines lawyer precent. The judge then ordered Nadine to leave her store serving her with a document that was clearly drafted and created before the court case even began.

In 1857 Dred Scott took up arms to defend his loved ones from racist lynch mobs at his case his lawyers argued in self defence only to be told that there is no right a black man has that a white man is bound to respect. Today in 2019 the Superiour court of Ontario shamefully upheld the Dred Scott desision, with this being what the courts stand for it is up to all people who believe in basic human dignity to defend Nadine and call the mayors office at 519-741-2345 and say what they think.

Public meeting on lessons from Tent City and presentation to City Council a Success

9 Oct

On Oct. 7th a public meeting was held at the Queen Street Commons to discuss the lessons from tent city. This discussion included an intervention from VANDU and their experience dealing with the opiate epidemic in Vancouver. Discussion . on Safe Suply and the need ror those affected directly being the decision makers was key.It was pointed out that during the weeks of October 22nd to September 12th when the tent city was engaging in safe supply there was zero overdoses in the applied areas as well as significant drop in crime and addicts were able to live normal lives and be productive members of society.

This was followed by a presentation at city council where we put forward our answers to the drugs problem we were invited by council to participate in the region sub committee to make our proposal a reality.

here is our proposal

here is our presentation to council i start seaking around the 18 minute mark

Tent City attacked

4 Oct

Tent City was attacked two nights ago a group of right wing hooligans with machetes and baseball bats. 5 tents were destroyed and two people were beaten so badly that they needed to go to the hospital. This attack on tent is is one of many recent attacks on progressive forces by reactionaries who act knowing that they have state support, particularly the city of Cambridge backing them up. The city of Cambridge , particularly the mayors office is guilty of inciting these forces through there use of anti poor people rhetoric. Tent City feels they have the right now to do what they must to defend themselves and these attacks will not go unanswered.Like the good book says eye for eye tooth for tooth hand for hand foot for foot burn for burn wound for wound.

Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade meets Prime Minister and Mayor

3 Oct

On September 16th Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was in Kitchener Waterloo. The Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade used this opportunity to address issues of Safe Supply, the Opioid Crisis and Venezuela. The next day members os this organization met with the Mayor discuss our proposal to solve the drugs problem that is killing many people in Kitchener. The discussion went quite well and will be followed up by a presentation to council on Monday at 7. Shortly before this presentation there with be a public consultation and report on Tent City and the drugs crisis at 5pm at Queen Street Commons

Computer Missing Reward Given

15 Sep

several weeks ago a computer was stolen from me it is a mac with some of the keys not working and its value is shit except to my family due to the content on the computer.

On this computer is alot of important documents that i need are there including the last writings of my mother who passed away in 2010.This writing is not published and cant be replaced This work is irreplaceable and my father is willing to pay a reward o 100 dollars for its return.I will also give a reward as well. Anyone with information that can lead to the recovery of this computer please email me at or get ahold of me or my dad

Tent City Conference resolutions

11 Sep

Tent City 2019 Conference

7 Sep

Info-session on Irish border poll by Intl. Dep. of the 32 CSM

5 Aug

Julian Ichim, from the International Department of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement speaks about the Border Poll proposed by England because of the Good Friday Agreement and Brexit.

Louisa Worrell from the International Department of the 32 County Sovereignty Movement speaks about the relationship between the struggle for Sovereignty for indigenous nations, the French Canadians, and the Irish.