the cop and the drug dealer

10 Jul

So i have been very sick lately i contracted a blood infection from an abscessed tooth and it spread to my heart and from there to my joints. Today my skin right above exploded leaking at least 5 cups of blood and puss. needless to say this was extremely painful yet despite this I had to attend court. My so called loved ones started yelling at me calling me a parasite and one of them attacking me with a mop. At court people treated me like a pariah stating how gross i was and and wanting nothing to do with me. I was also extremely thirsty and in severe pain. A cop came up to me with gauze alcohol to clean the wound tape and scissors. This cop helped me clean the wound and tape me up. She stated that I need to take better care of myself and maybe take a break for a bit to take care of my health. She also helped me find my lawyer to sign some papers so the lawyer could represent me in court so I could go to the hospital. Soon i found this lawyer with her help and got out of court and went to the hospital. The hospital said they would not operate unless i took some opiates and they could not give me any because i have a contract with my doctor that i could receive opiates just from him. My doctor is on vacation so I have no way of getting opiates legally, the doctor said its quite clear that you are not in withdrawal so Im sure you have a way to get opiates. I asked the doctor if he was suggesting I score drugs off the street he said all im saying is if you have a way of getting opiates you should do that or else we won’t operate.
I went home and have no money so the friends i have who have prescriptions wont give me anything. a little while later there was a knock at my door, it was a local drug dealer whom in the past I have had altractions with and called scum etc. I asked whats up and he said that he heard what happened in court today and I must be hurting I said I have no money and even if i did I wouldn’t give him any. He told me to calm down, we went upstairs and he broke off a piece of of a strong opiate he said he was giving it to me for free cause I really must be hurting. Although it was a strong opiate the stuff im prescribed is stronger i said half joking half serious can i get a bigger piece he said yes. After doing it I thanked him and headed to the hospital. In terms of the political work I do cops and high level drug dealers are usually on the other side of the class war and in our struggle we sometimes dehumanise them as the enemy. Yet today when my friends turned their back on me it was the enemy that treated me like a human and showed me basic dignity. This in no way means that I love the police etc I am against the uniform and what it symbolises crown forces, when someone puts on the uniform they are upholding the system of oppression and are foot soldiers of the state. Yet at the same time we can have a certain respect for an enemy who is principled and sees people as humans. The same way an enemy can have respect for us because of our principles.


overdose prevention site under attack people respond with demo

24 Jun

On thursday police raided the overdose prevention site in Kitchener. People running the site got lifted and the place was shutdown. After this we re opened to be told that today our stuff will get taken and the place will be closed. Saturday at the farmers market people went out with protest banner in defence of the overdose prevention site. Currently we are in need of a tent and supplies to re open. Donations are needed

overdose prevention site open house kicked ass

19 May

Yesterday our overdose prevention site had an open house where guests can see how it runs and what we do. This open house happened so people can see we are up and running in a permanent location despite all the attacks that we endure from the lackey of Cambridge city council who hate the idea of a safe injection sites, tent citys homeless people and poor people in general.

We had representation from Hamilton and one reporter as well as other members of the community join us for timbits and discussion.As well as people who live in the neighbourhood cam to thank for the work we do.

Our permanent site is always in short supply of what we need and donations are appreciated. A short list of what we need is below. Thanks all who helped.

short rigs
toilet paper
Vein finder

May day strike in kitchener a success

6 May

On May 1st 500 people gathered at Kitchener City hall to protest the Ford agenda. People there were from all walks of life. This action was part of a province wide strike. Despite all sectors being present there was not one word on the cuts being implemented against social services nor any discussion on the cuts to safe injection sites and how 1000s will die because of this.Talking to people in the crowd Myself and a reporter friend found out that 1 third of people showed up because of flyers, handed out day after day at the farMers Market and schools and stuff by people involved in the safe injection site and anti poverty work. When people asked if they could speak about this their voice of the toronto group Made it quite clear our role as poor people is to do the work and outreach and then shut up and get into line. despite this we spoke to lots people from groups and people froM the Multi cultural centre etc who were happy at our presence and the politics we brought to the event. In the future we as organized poor people and Minorites guillotine (1)will not be used to do all the work of postering and outreach to hear a bunch of white people soMe who said they spoke for the voiceless despite the fact the voiceless were refused to speak.NO THANKS IF YOU WANT AN ELECTION PLATFOR TO GET YOU NDP ELECTED DONT DRAG US INTO YOUR SHIT!!!!!!GOOD TO WORK BUT NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO SPEAK!!!Still despite the ineptitude racist transphobic and classist views of the so called legite organizers who did it on the backs of the people the working class did show up and took a stand and that is our beginning to working class lead resistance

Montreal 32CSM Shut Down Minister of foreign affairs Crystia Freeland in defence of Venezuela

2 May

Flyering for general strike a success

27 Apr

Today we went to the farmers market to flyer for the general strike against Doug Ford this may 1st. in total 4000 flyers were handed as we had to make more then the original 400.

Vendors took our flyers and handed the flyers to the patrons and all the people who spoke to us loved the idea except a group of 20 Ford supporters who followed me and gave few punches in the stomach to me while police looked on and did nothing.

Pops and food was provided to us by the vendors and people thanked us for taking a stand. The flyering ended with a banner drop and cheers from the patrons. All in all the people who were shopping there were quite clear that they are sick of Ford

National Day of Action on Overdose Crisis Kitchener

17 Apr

Yesterday about 85 people did not go to the clock tower which was a trap for the enemies of the cause and instead joined addicts at the safe injection site which was set up on madison. People shared stories about the impact the crisis had on the community as well as stories of those who are no longer with us due to the current policy of criminalizing drug users. After a moment of silence for the dead was observed people talked about what must be done to solve this crisis. A document produced by the Alan Ryan Peoples Community Defense Brigade was circulated and discussed as well as the need for all solutions to include the people directly affected. All in all it was a posative meeting. In other news while this was going on the idiots that came fro cambridge were protesting a clock or the clock tower or the park who knows what fanatics are thinking

here is the document that was discussed