cops illegally try to enter my home ruin my morning coffee and ask me stupid questions about 32CSM

8 Oct

Yesterday morning at 4 am i woke up as usual to the dismay of my partner to have my morning coffee listen to motley crue and blog. Given my current health issue the so called coffee was instant de caf chickory root shite. I pour myself my coffee or what passes for coffee go to the backyard sit down and prepare to light my cigerrette when i see a tactical unit officer attempting to enter my home through the back door. I say this better be a fucken hallucination from the nitro glyrerin or ambian cause you have no fucken right to be here. The cop then pointed his flashlight to my eyes with his hand still on his gun and i can see others.

At this point in time the cellphone that i borrowed from my partner starts playing when i get out by ciaran murphy i shut it off. He asks me my name and then the unit number to which i dont answer and then starts asking me questions about the 32CSM and Irish Republicanism. I reply that I dont talk to Crown Forces. The pig then starts threatening to arrest me under the new anti terror law to which i reply arrest me. I then go inside and lock the door.

I send a fb msg to two comrades telling them what the plan is in case of arrest this plan has been laid out and approved already, as well as my fb is monitored so the pigs will know im not fucking around. I tell some other comrades what the craic is then when i take my face out of the phone i see my partner in the living room and they are really concerned and want to go see what is up. I argue that they need to go back to the bedroom and stay there. They keep on looking sad and upset and i tell them i dont have time to worry about you and me please listen to me. They go to where they are suppose to be looking upset and annoyed. This is good because the plan was if they got in I would turn myself over to them and not let them get into the house.

I called a member of parliment i get on with and they answer this better be important Julian, im like would i call at 4 45 am if it was not important to which she responds yes you do all the time. I told her what the craic was and told her to call off the dogs. Shortly after the police retreat behind the tree line. After that they leave.

After trying to figure out why they would try to enter at 4 am with people there discussion leads us to the understanding that i was suppose to be in the hospital but due to economic reasons the shittyness of treatment of people without a proper healthcard or coverage and my general exhaustion I did not go. (I called the hospital and they literally told me that all they would do is get my bp down and discharge me unless i had the above stated things these i can do at home) This pattern of harassment is fucked up and from now on if I leave my home to go to the hospital it would never be unoccupied. I never got to listen to motley crue and my shite coffee turned cold and more shitty so i had to get a de caf from tim hortons.

These attacks dont scare us and just prove that we are doing something right as the pigs wont even follow their own laws if they want to search my residence get a fucken warrant.


Despite earlier state attack 32CSM attend opening of Octoberfest farmers market give out flyers and give great speech

8 Oct

Despite early state attacks members of the 32CSM International Department in Kitchener attended the opening of the Octoberfest Farmers Market and handed out flyers. The flyers were gone in ten minutes abnd many previous members of Friends of Sinn Fien came to congratulate us. Given this level of support we decided to go inside the market unfurl our 32 flag and read the speech from the balcony so everyone can see us. Given to the fact that we suck at technology we fucked up recording the speech but it was well received as others stopped listened and taped on their phones. Security and such stood back till we were finished then allowed us to leave without any hassle.

On the opening of Octoberfest we held an info picket to promote our proposal for the solution to the drugs problem

8 Oct

On Friday several of us attended the opening of the Octoberfest celebrations to raise awareness about the drug crisis and hand out or proposal. We engaged in many discussions with all stratas of society who after talking to us supported our proposal and were thanked for taking this initiative. This included members of local law enforcement (not the intelligence or political cops but ones who work the streets and see this shit every day) who stated they may not agree with our politics but that the proposal contains many good ideas and congratulated us for taking these steps. We look forward to our discussions with the Region on Tuesday.

Meeting with Region on Proposal to solve drug problem this tuesday

6 Oct

On Tuesday October 10th at 11 30 am at 150 Frederick Street Room 217 we will be meeting with people from the region as well as others to discuss how to move our proposal for the solution to the drugs problem. We invite those who have a stake in this proposal to come join us and hear what is being said. We are very happy that this proposal is moving forward and are glad that a solution that will save lives will come from this.

Condemn state attacks and break ins on Irish Republicans and supporters in Ontario

4 Oct

Last week after a member of the 32CSM international department had a stroke and had to call 911 and was hospitalized police broke in to the house that they were staying at and made it quite clear that they were there by forcing a vent open and leaving a msg.This happened twice as there were two hospitalizations.

In the same time period another affiliate and probationary member was searched for a knife in a little change purse smaller then the palm of my hand that a pair of nail clippers couldnt fit in much less a knife.

Yesterday the girlfriend of a member of the international department was hit and doored by a car and fearing for her life she smashed the rear view mirror of this vehicle, due to this we were able to identify the vehicle as belonging to a special group of CI ‘s used by the state. Their have been other physical attacks that we cant talk about at this time.

We believe these attacks are a result of a political campaign that was recently launched as a form of revenge or to teach us a lesson.

We will not be deterred or scared and we are willing to sacrifice not just ourselves our employment etc for the cause but everything and everyone we hold dear. Those close to us know the risks they are taking for being close to us and have our backs and wont break.

This is a clear state of harassment and intimidation from the state and we will not stand for it. By mobilizing the community we will shed light on these attacks and fight back political to defend our right to our politics

Report back from Ireland and ILPS in Kitchener a success

30 Sep

Yesterday a comrade with the 32CSM International Department did a report back about her visit to Ireland, the political situation there and the the recent ILPS congress in Toronto.This report back is part of broader speaking tour that will take place over the next few months.

The Kitchener stop was attended by among others members of the tent city who were quite interested in learning about the situation their and the 32CSM which is the group that hosted our comrade which inspires many of the street youth to organize and resist the attacks on their basic rights that they have by virtue of being human. It was quite obvious that they were hungry for information on revolutionary history of Ireland and the forces that are resisting the occupation. Although I was not able to attend for health reasons i have received many facebook msgs from people who attended telling me about the presentation as well as wanting more information.

This politicization of street youth in and of itself is a victory and I look forward to joining this comrade on the rest of the tour.

Our proposal to solve the drugs crisis

29 Sep

Community Space Proposal
Downtown Kitchener Coalition of Social Justice

Table of Contents

Cover Page Pg.
Table of Contents Pg.
Summary Pg.
Objectives Pg.
Organization and History Pg.
Background Pg.
Project Description Pg.

Community Space Proposal

I. Summary
We propose a new community drop in space in Downtown Kitchener that will help to fill shelter service gaps, build bridges between the various stakeholders in the area, and develop another community space, one that will give all members the right to participate in agency decision making. The City of Kitchener has access to many properties especially those that are derelict, an eyesore, or otherwise vacant, and we would like access to two houses side by side; one serving as a drop-in space, the other functioning as a community enterprise: a consignment shop. Additionally, the second floors of both of these houses will function as emergency/low income housing units.

II. Objectives
To maintain additional access to essential services and resources to members of the Downtown Kitchener community
To participate in public and community education and outreach surrounding social justice and community based issues
To build and maintain a community run drop in space and community enterprise
To provide the Downtown Kitchener community with a space that aims to empower community members through equality and respect
To contribute to cross cultural experiences by spearheading community cultural exchanges and supporting the development of multi-cultural relationships.
To provide space to engage with Indigenious Folx on a Nation to Nation basis
To provide front line support to those transitioning out of instutions such as the prison system and the mental health system.
To treat drugs as a social issue and implement intentional harm reduction strategies that benefits all community members.
III. Organization Description and History
The Downtown Kitchener Social Justice Coalition or DTK SJC is a coalition of many groups and projects currently working out of Downtown Kitchener. They include the Tent City Organizing Committee, Drugs as a Social Issue, the Anti-Colonial Working group, and the Southwestern Ontario branch of the 32CSM. The coalition meets to determine project steering and individual organization commitment. Individually these organizations have worked to build sustainable campaigns, for example Tent City has at least a decade long history in Victoria park; the development of information capital via participatory action research, which lead to a multi-page spread in the paper when Drugs as a Social Issue worked closely with The Record; and the raising of community awareness and education around various social issues, such as the Anti-Racist organizing that the 32CSM has been working on in the wake of the recent political climate.

The DTK SJC is committed to this project because as members of Downtown Kitchener Community, we see the need for greater access to essential services and we’ve analysed the services that already exist Downtown to fill in gaps when services are less or not available, for instance when drop-in’s have closed, but shelters have yet to open. With the further gentrification of downtown Kitchener, we see a growing divide between those who benefit from the upgrades and those who don’t, such as those displaced by landlords doing renovations. We see a growing need to develop spaces that are accessible to all the members of the Downtown Kitchener community and that are holistic and participatory in nature.
IV. Background
We know that additional shelter beds are not what this community needs, however service limitations do exist for those who need to access the shelter system. The closure of the Out of Cold program has created a situation where the motel overflow program is utilized at huge capacities every night, which is not sustainable. There are gaps every night during which service users must wait outside in the cold while they wait to see who has room for them to sleep. Additionally, those with immovable service restrictions are forced to choose between sleeping on the street or sleeping in jail cells. We know that there are folks who do not feel safe in the shelter system, but sleep in tents yearlong instead, which creates multitudes of health and safety issues. There is a noticeable tension between the street and poor community of Downtown Kitchener and the up and coming community. Creating a new community hub will serve to build bridges between different stakeholders in the community. Theoretically, service provision is understood to be the most effective when service users actively participate in making the decisions that affect them. There are already community spaces that allow various levels of community participation, however none of them rely on community decision making at their core. Though Waterloo Region’s Housing First Strategy is to close ineffective shelters and house people instead, the only update that has occurred is a lack of shelter beds. The wait list for housing is still five years long.

V. Project Description
The Tri-cities currently has many service providers who offer various essential and community based services. This collective aims to compliment the services that already exist in this community and fill in the cracks of service delivery

1. Goal: To create more access to community lead services, resources, and tools through a drop in community space.
We plan to provide a space for community to gather and have access to resources like phone charging, wifi, computers, OW, ODSP, and CAS casework support, Court support, bus tickets, and access to clothes and other essential items. We plan to provide these services and other programs via a collaborative model in which all community members are welcome to become decision making members. We aim to give community members, with a specific focus on youth, the skills to learn and teach others how to organize themselves around issues like court support, OW casework, and other vital situations. We will encourage and empower community members to take leadership positions.

2. Goal: To fill service gaps.
We plan to fill service gaps by primarily by filling the space left by lacking services, as identified by community members. For example there is currently no free food serving in Downtown Kitchener, so the 32 CSM has started a campaign to provide food during that time. In addition we plan to maintain open hours during the “in-between” times when folks would otherwise be forced to stay outside. These times include evenings for those who face service restrictions and those who must wait on the shelter system to find them a bed. Our drop in centre would provide a temperature controlled place for folks to wait.

3. Goal: To build and showcase Downtown Kitchener’s skills through a consignment shop community enterprise.
We plan to build a framework that centers on a collaborative, empowering model because we know that all community members are capable and willing to do the work. All community members will be invited to participate in decision making, which has proven to increase community engagement in other projects.
We would like to build fundraising efforts by making space for the unique skills of all community members. We plan to maintain a consignment shop that would provide a place for community members to showcase their talents and receive compensation for the work they do.

4. Goal: To build bridges between community stakeholders; such as small businesses, people that live and work in Downtown Kitchener, folks who access service in the Downtown core, and the various people who use Downtown generally.
We plan to build bridges via active outreach in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

5. Goal: To provide additional low income housing units in the Downtown Kitchener core.
Downtown Kitchener needs more low income housing units if we’re ever going to see the housing first strategy bear fruits. We plan to use the space above the drop in and consignment shop as an emergency and low income housing. Based on size we plan to provide at least 2, hopefully 4 units.

6. Goal: To prevent overdoses by having a place with a nurse where drug users can be open about their addictions and use in a safe space. To streamline recovery options, reduce the strain on emergency personnel and keep downtown safe from criminality.

VI. Project Timeline/Budget Timeline
Secure Space
Space Start up
Open for drop – in
Outreach Start Up
Outreach Open
Upstairs housing Start Up
Consignment Start Up
Consignment Open
Housing Open

VII. Budget


Expenditure Category
Fund Request
Funds from other sources
One Full time staff
One Full time Nurse.
5 volunteer staff
3 Volunteer Nurses
$10 000
per month
Office supplies and start up, basic medical supplies
Computers, furniture,
$15 000
119 Joseph Street
derelict properties
Hugo and Lorne
Scott and Weber, or shared space with other agencies

In kind repairs


Central air, heat hydro,
$300 per month

Land Line
$200 per month

$10 500 Per Month
Start up $ 15 000
Building cost: TBA