Phone Jam This Tuesday Sept. 4th Defend Tent City, Safe Injection Site Now!!!!

1 Sep

Tuesday Sept. 4th 8:30 AM-5pm

Mayor Doug Craig
519-740-4517 ext. 4215

Mayor Dave Jaworsky

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic

Waterloo Regional Council
519-575-4400 ext. 3403

Waterloo Region Public Health
519-575-4400 ext. 2267

For over a month people have been sleeping in tents to highlight poverty and the need for a safe injection site. Many of these people have no where else to sleep and without tent city they would be left to fend for themselves. This tent city also serves as an overdose prevention site saving countless lives. Instead of supporting us we have been given the run around and have had to change sites 5 times. As well the public discourse on the need for a safe injection site has been terminated despite promises that there would be one this year. This Tuesday please join us in telling the Region and those in power that enough is enough people need to be housed now and there is a need for a safe consumption site.

Call in on Tuesday in defense of tent city, the right to housing and our solution to the drugs problem which includes a safe injection site as well as other aspects that deal with the root cause of the drug problem.
Below is a link to our proposal

Mardi le 4 septembre, 8:30 AM-5pm

Mayor Doug Craig (Maire Doug Craig)
519-740-4517 ext. 4215

Mayor Dave Jaworsky (Maire Dave Jaworsky)

Mayor Berry Vrbanovic (Maire Berry Vrbanoic)

Waterloo Regional Council (Conseil régional Waterloo)
519-575-4400 ext. 3403

Waterloo Region Public Health (Santé publique de la région de Waterloo)
519-575-4400 ext. 2267

Depuis plus qu’un mois, il y a des personnes qui dorment dans les tentes pour mettre en lumière le problème de la pauvreté et le besoin pour un site d’injection supervisé dans la ville de Kitchener, à la province d’Ontario. Plusieurs des participants n’ont nul part d’autre a dormir, et sans la Ville des tentes, ils et elles doivent vivre chacun pour soi. La Ville des tentes est également une site pour la prévention des surdoses improvisé qui a déjà sauvé plusieurs vies. A la place de soutien, on nous a fait marcher et on a dû changer de site 5 fois. Tout le soutien politique pour une site d’injection supervisé n’existe plus, et les promesses qui ont été fait il y a un an ne seront pas respectés. Ce mardi, joignez-vous à nous pour dire a au gouvernement Régionale et ceux et celles en pouvoir qu’on ne peut plus attendre, et que les personnes doivent être logé immédiatement, tout comme il faut un site d’injection supervisé.

Appelez mardi en défense de la Ville des tentes, en défense du droit au logement et pour notre solution au problème de drogue, qui inclut un site d’injection supervisé et d’autres éléments, pour s’adresser à la racine du problème de drogue.

Ci-bas est la proposition en anglais:


Phone Jam For Safe Consumption Site This Friday

21 Aug

Friday August 24th 9am-4pm

Phone Berry Vrbanovic Mayor and Regional Council (Regional Office) 519-575-4400 ext. 3403

Also Call Public Health (519) 575-4400 ext 2267

Despite the opioid crisis that is taking many lives and all the consultations that show public support for a safe consumption site, the Region has recently decided to reverse their decision to have a safe injection site. This friday call in and demand that the Region help those who are most vulnerable and do their part to end this crisis that has killed so many of our loved ones. Tell them you support our solution to the drug problem.

Tent City Activists condemn physical assaults on woman of tent city.

15 Aug

KW Tent City Condemns the recent string of assaults that members of tent city have had to endure at the hands of pro poverty bigots encouraged by the rhetoric of Cambridge City Council and groups like A Clean Cambridge whom openly advocate violence against homeless people particularly those who sleep in tents. As a result of this rhetoric members of Tent city have been jumped, beaten and stabbed in several incidents walking to and from Tent City.

This violence is particularly disgusting as many of the victims of this violence are woman, some of whom have had to be hospitalised as a result of this violence. Most of these attacks have taken place at night on the Iron Horse trail as well as behind the thrift shop on Kent. Some of those involved have been identified to us as Ulster Scots whom are loyal to the crown and further investigation will be carried out to identify these individuals for the purpose of knowing whom we are up against.

The manner of these attacks at night in deserted areas demonstrates the cowardly nature of these individuals, as well demonstrates the need for housing for poor people whom are open to these attacks because they have no safe space to go. It also demonstrates the need for tent city so that poor people at least have some sort of protection from right-wing elements anti social elements and state violence.

Phone Jam in Support of Tent City

14 Aug

Friday Aug. 17th 9 am- 5pm
Phone Berry Vrbanovic Mayor and Regional Council (Regional Office) 519-575-4400 ext. 3403
Community Services Phone: 519-575-4400
By Law (519) 741-2330

For about a month people in Kitchener have set up a tent city to demand affordable housing as well as a solution to the opiate epidemic that has engulfed Kitchener in death, violence, and criminalization of poor people. Since we have set up we have been forced to move more than 5 times due to the fact that there are bylaws that criminalize people from sleeping on city property while at the same time it’s quite illegal to sleep on private property. This catch 22 forces homeless people to be criminalized simply by virtue of being homeless.

At this point in time we are asking the city to stop the criminalization of Tent City and poor people forced to sleep on the streets, house the people of tent city and implement our solution to the opiate epidemic.

This Friday join us to make these demands by calling the above numbers.

Media Coverage of stabbing at Tent City ignores everyday violence poor people face.

1 Aug

Last night someone at tent city got stabbed after an altercation around noise. Police were on the seen shortly as was media and other people. The media published several articles on this unfortunate event and in their coverage the headline made it sound like protestors were asked to leave the park due to this event.

The truth of the matter is that after protestors were asked to leave the Regional building were tent city was located people moved to SandHills Park were as soon as they were done unpacking were asked to leave the site due to bylaws that state that people can’t sleep on private property. This happenned before any altracation broke out. The person who was stabbed was a member of Tent City and if he was in a home this would not happenned.

Violence against poor people is very common especially to people who are forced to sleep on the streets many times by themselves. Groups like A Safer Cambridge egg on this violence with their marches to get rid of poor people sleeping outside. A facebook video from supporters of this group shows a person burning down a homeless persons tent.

People who are homeless deserve safe places to sleep where they are safe from violence including the violence of the state that on one hand cuts social programs making it harder and harder for people to keep a place as every month they have to make the desision to feed themselves and their kids or pay the rent and on the other hand pass bylaws stating people cant sleep on city property making it a crime to be poor and homeless.

The stabbing last night demonstrates the need for housing and until this is solved a need for Tent City where people are in a group making them safer.

Tent City Goals Aims and Objectives

27 Jul

For over a week there has been a Tent City in Kitchener. The purpose of this tent city is two fold the first goal is to house people and give people the basic needs to survive. At this moment people are living on the streets fending for themselves sleeping in alleys and parks making them vulnerable to attacks from anti social elements, police etc.

As many parks in Kitchener have curfews and people are not allowed to sleep on public property it is quite clear that being homeless is de facto a crime. Armed with these by laws that target poor people police, by law etc wake people up at night, give them tickets, throw them in jail and basically treat homeless people like criminals despite the fact that the system itself is the cause of homelessness.

In Kitchener welfare is about 700 dollars a month which is the cost of a one bed room apartment every month poor people are forced to choose between paying rent or buying food. With the intensification of gentrification it is harder and harder for poor people to find affordable housing particularly near the downtown core where most services are located. Affordable housing is being torn down and replaced by condos that go for about half a million, quite outside the price range of most working class and poor people. As these building are going up and low income housing is getting torn down the war on poor people is being intensified by cuts to social programs , health care and assistance that people need to survive. These cuts are not accidental but are part of the neo liberal agenda that has started in the 1990s under the NDP lead by Bob Rae, intensified under the Conservative Party of Mike Harris, codified and legitimized by the Liberals and now under Ford family legacy carried out to its logical conclusion, class war against the poor.

In this political environment tent city is resisting by giving people a safe place to sleep, providing what food we can provide and taking up social responsibility. Furthermore Tent City is fighting to get people the housing they need because people deserve housing fit for human beings. By having a place where people are sleeping eating and struggling together we are making it harder for those whose bigoted hatred of the poor has intensified under this political climate from carrying out violence against poor people., in short creating a safer place for people to be.

While the state tries to make us invisible and brush this issue under the carpet we are taking center stage outside of the regions building on Weber street letting people know that we exist and wont go gently into that good night. Currently we are asking that all those who stay at tent city be provided with housing that is fit for human beings and as such have been working with the region to get people into housing.

Our secondary goal is to be truly radical and go to the root of the problem, Homelessness does not exist in a vacuum. Capitalism and imperialism have truly traumatized those who are homeless and poor creating many problems that need to be solved so that people can not only have a roof over their head but actually keep it. Over two years we have engaged in discussion with the community through public meetings, outreach and focus groups and have identified key issues that need to be solved to truly end homelessness. Those consulted include those addicted to drugs, those living on the streets, front line workers, family’s of the homeless, parents of drug addicts and others directly affected by this and after this have come up with a solution to the housing crisis as well as the current drug crisis that over the last few years has robbed our community of literally hundreds of people whom have died needlessly because of the backwards legislation which deals with the drug problem as a criminal issue forcing people to go shoot up by themselves in back alleys, many of them overdosing because of fentynol and carfentynol being laced in the drugs that they are using. Our solution to this problem has been presented to the city and the region and we are waiting for a response that will address these issues. Below is our proposal

Since the region and the city have not yet instituted this and as of yet there is no safe injection site we are implementing this to the best of our ability at the tent city by having people trained in Naloxone over dose prevention on site 24 hours a day. This is not an endorsement of drug use but rather a recognition that people are using drugs and dying because of the fact that many drugs on the street are laced with Fentynol and carfentynol and people do not have access to naloxone or other such things to prevent overdoses. Until the people at tent city are housed and our proposal to solve the homelessness and rug problem are addressed we will continue our protest and take up social responsability

Tent City After a week and a bit we are on the front lawn of the region!!!!!

26 Jul

So Tent City has set up in Victoria park over a week ago. Our demands are housing and a proper solution to the drug problem. Yesterday we were kicked out of the park despite the fact that we kept the place clean free of serious anti social behaviour and provided a safe place for people to go. As things stand we are currently in front of the region building and are engaging in discussions with the Region on housing everyone at Tent City as well as implementing our solution to the drugs problem. Donations are appreciated!!!!