Speech at meeting of Anti Internment Occupied Canada from Anti Internment Munster in Montreal last week

7 Jun

Speech of Solidarity and Support to the new Anti Internment in Occupied Canada branch in Montreal. 27 May 2016

Comrades, friends and supporters. So great to have you all here today to spread the Anti Internment Movement and Struggle further afield in Occupied Canada and Occupied Quebec. It is such a high honour for Irish people and patriots to sing praises and address the noble and heroic people of Montreal who have risen numerous times against the same tyrant and invader as we have fought against and resisted for over 800 years now, infact 848 years this very year comrades. The Quebecois gallantly and heroically resisted and continue to resist Brit and Canadian settler and invader aggression and tyranny to this day. We in Ireland and you in Quebec along with the First Nations peoples and the largely forgotten Scottish Gaels of Nova Scotia are to this very day struggling and striving for language, political, national, human and civil rights for our respective peoples in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall, Isle of Mann, Galicia, Asturias, Quebec, Corsica, Catalonia, Basque and the illegally invaded lands and territories that make up Occupied Canada today. It is such an incredible honour to be addressing the very people the Quebecois and French Canadians in general who were the very people who took in countless thousands of Irish exiled orphans who survived the coffin ships during the Irish Holocaust of 1845-1851 inwhich the Brits wiped out over half the population of Ireland in a terrible and horrific genocide that they have the cheek to call a famine. A famine it was not comrades. They murdered 6.2 million Irish Gaels in an act of mass genocide and starvation. There are mass graves all across Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England and even parts of America and especially Occupied Canada to prove it comrades.

In Quebec that is where the gallant and blessed people the Quebecois and wider French Canada saved countless numbers of exiled Irish orphans from death and enslavement to imperial Anglo Canada by taking these children in and rearing them as their own kids. Saddly this heroic event is not more widely known and it should be comrades especially in Ireland, Quebec and Occupied Canada in general. The brave Quebecois families that took in the Irish children who survived the Holocaust at home in 1845-1851 even went so far as to learn to speak Gaelic and encouraged the children to keep and maintain their Gaelic names and language, and of course with both peoples being Catholic and anti British it helped alot too. Now today around 40% of Quebecois are of Irish blood or descend purely down to the rescue and adoption of Irish exiles fleeing and surviving the Irish Holocaust of 1845-1851. Now take that glorious example of human dignity with the actions of the puppet anglo government of Occupied Canada in remembrance of the Irish Holocaust. In the city of Toronto for example the exact location of a mass grave of Irish Holocaust victims that fled to Canada is part car park and part dog toilet or shitting area. This on the graves of unknown thousands of Irish Gaelic victims of genocide in a modern city of Toronto, Ontario in Occupied Canada. What a crime against the Irish and infact wider Gaelic and Celtic nations comrades. And the Anglo puppet government of Occupied Canada know this very well and continue to use this area as a dog pooping spot. This itself is a clear declaration of war upon the Irish Nation and Celtic people everywhere. So lets also remember and recognise that the original Irish Republican Army actually invaded and over ran what is now Occupied Canada invading from the US in 1866, 1867, 1871, 1875, 1878, 1881 and on til 1895. Historians of Occupied Canada have either played down or ignored and covered up the Irish invasions of Canada/Occupied Canada because it was on the soil of Occupied Canada between the 31 May and 2 June 1866 that the Irish Republican Army won 4 of Ireland’s greatest ever victories over the Brits at Fort Erie (31 June 1866), Ridgeway (2 June 1866), Limestone Ridge ( 2-3 June 1866) and Second Fort Erie (3 June 1866) in Ontario during the 1866 Irish invasion of Canada to sieze it from the Brits and declare an Irish Republic on occupied Brit imperial territory. Only very recently has any Canadian author or celebrity attempted to honestly explain the Irish invasions of Occupied Canada which is a crime in itself. This man’s name is Peter Vronsky in his 2011 book called Ridgeway: The American Fenian Invasion and the 1866 Battle that made Canada. While the title is incorrect as it was an Irish invasion and the fact that the book comes at it from a Canadian point of view it is unbiased and respectful towards the very much mocked and malligned Irish invasion plans and actions.

All of this is no surprise to us comrades when you take into account the lies and cover up around the actual flag and symbols of the Anglo puppet regime of Occupied Canada. Just look at that symbol of the Orange Order in Occupied Canada the Maple Leaf. It is on the flag of the country that was illegally brought into being. The real flag of Canada was the flag of the Patriotes in the war of 1837-1842 or the Patriote Wars which were the long Tricolour of Green, White and Red and sometimes along with a gold star symbolising independence. The green of course stood for the Irish, White for hte French and red for the English of Canada. The Republic they declared and established was led by a Scottish Gaelic exile whose parents had fought for freedom and liberty in Scotland and who were forced to flee in the aftermath of defeat just like many countless thousands of rebel Scots after the Jacobite War or Fifth Jacobite War of 1745-1746 or 1759. William Lyon Mac Kenzie was a true freedom fighter and Patriote and lover of all freedom loving nations no matter where they came from. Today other Gaels in Nova Scotia fight and struggle very hard against great ignorance and discrimination for equal language rights for their beloved Gaelic language which is itself a unique dialect of the Gaelic language called Canadian Gaelic and it is infact a more ancient and purer form of Gaelic than that spoken today in the Gaelic lands of Ireland, Scotland and the Isle of Mann.

And today the Gaels of Nova Scotia are suffered vicious and uncalled for persecution and discrimination of their native language and the language that their exiled ancestors brought with them as they too fled genocide and near extinction as a people in the aftermath of the 1745-1746 and 1759-1760 wars in Scotland which tired and failed to restore Scottish national independence from Brit rule. The regime in Occupied Canada first went after the Gaelic language of Nova Scotia from the early 1900s to the 1970s when they thought they had wiped it out. This vicious persecution and war against a language almost succeeded and it was waged purely because the puppet regime in Ottawa feared the Gaelic languages as they believed them to foster rebellion against the Brit crown and hatred of Brit rule. But thankfully today there are those in Nova Scotia fighting to revive and return the Gaelic language to its proper place in Nova Scotia. Just imagine comrades there were 2.5 million Gaelic speakers in Nova Scotia alone in 1901 and it was almost at nothing by the 1970s, but now it is just over the 2,000 mark and steadily rising.

Let us remember the great rising or war waged by the FLQ for the liberation and independence of Quebec from 1963-1976 comrades, and the fierce and bitter fighting and struggle that started and revived French language and culture in Quebec as a result and especially in your great and glorious city of Montreal which saw much if not most of the fighting between Patriotes and Canadian invaders and occupiers. It was truly a great war that almost was won but for unforseen actions of the collaborators who only spoke and speak French when it suits or benefits them

So comrades let us all arise across Occupied Canada and rebel and resist the colonial forces and puppet regimes and reestablish the independence of the First Nations and let you all arise or rise up in Quebec and declare independence from the Brits again comrades. What is the worst they can do today? We in Ireland as always will be behind you and beside you in any coming fight or struggle that you wage for your freedom. Vive Quebec, vive Montreal, vive libre.

End the attacks on the International office of the 32CSM

31 May

Last Wednesday police surrounded the 32CSM International office and tried to force their way inside. Our comrade refused to let them in and police began taunting the comrade saying stuff like ahhh come on we just wanna talk” and decided the the front lawn of the office was a camping ground as the just surrounded the house and set up camp. Luckily our comrade knew another way and escaped to our lawyers office. The next day two woman comrades were approached and questioned about myself, the 32CSM and the Royal Visit.

Friday morning my dad was interrogated by the police and and asked about my whereabouts as well as my cellphone number . At this point we approached the community liaison officer for the Waterloo Regional Police who said he had no idea about this nor has he heard anything, in other words the on the ground police were unaware that this was going on. We also approached the mayors office and other sources in power where we learned that this questioning was from out of town cops whom were quite interested in the royal visit and the 32CSM.

With this information and the information that I would be detained we approached the Waterloo Regional Police whom we knew would try to downplay it which works in our favor as if they plan any dirty shit we can expose them legally.

When I went in the room was totally silent and out of no where w woman cop comes all chipper and tells us this story that is so script, and kinda like yeah i dont mind all of you taping me please get these sound bites. anyways youse can see the video yourselves. Another update today someone else ws interrogated about me if what they say in the video is true isnt it case closed?

Some other questions if it was because of hate crimes wouldn’t the community liaison officer know, what does the 32CSM have to do with this, Why encircle our office to interrogate someone who is clearly not me? What does the royal visit have to do with this and whats with the sheep like strange silence when I first walk before Ms. Perky comes and is all smiling for the cameras.

Actions Across Canada To End the anti Romanian attack on Dr. Camelia Smicală Jalaskoski

27 May

Dr. Camelia being attacked by police

Last Sunday people in Kitchener, Toronto, Guelph and Montreal took to the streets in support of Dr. Camelia Smicală Jalaskoski whose children were taken away due to the anti Romanian sectarianism in Finland. Camelia, a Romanian doctor married a Finish man who was abusive and an alcoholic. She divorced him and as a result of the anti Romanian sentiment in Finland custody was granted to the husband. Due to his negligence the state took the children and when they ran away to their mother the police physically and violently removed them. She is currently facing a six month sentence as a result of this.

Given the racist nature of the courts people across Canada took to the streets to say enough is enough. From Toronto to Montreal people took a stand in defence of her right to have her children as well as condemned the Romanian government who priorities licking the boots of the EU ti defending its own citizens. This is the first in a series of actions that we will be taking to struggle for her children to be returned. People were quite receptive and as a result we will be planing a phone jam of the Finnish Govt demanding that her children be returned as well as her sentence be dropped.


Independent observers description of visit to Freddy Barsoum’s mom nursing home

16 May

We went to see freddy’s mother today again, but this time we were many. 6 of us, including Freddy, went to the Care Center in Kitchener-Waterloo with the Power of Attorney paperwork. Our mission was simple : bring Freddy’s mother home peacefully.

We had gone the day before and the nurse in all her arrogance demanded to see Freddy’s Power of Attorney. Well when we came back the next day, we were barred from seeing her. The staff that came out to deal with this problem were higher-ups in management, including the one and only Debby Riepert, Chief Operating Officer. They insisted that there was « new information », that there was a « new Power of Attorney ». When we demanded to see it, they refused. They called the police on us for standing in the lobby silently and peacefully in support of Freddy.

« Where’s Reg? Have you called Reg? » said one of the head nurses. Reg being Freddy’s brother who is one of the orchestrators of the kidnapping

Debby insisted on saying multiple lies to our group and to us. As the leadership of the Care Center, for her to lie in order to seperate a family, in front of Freddy and his supporters. Trying to divide our group by saying to me that « I know what it looks like, but you don’t have the full story. I understand why you are here ». I told her that I understand why she is here much more than she understands anything about why I was there.

Here are a couple of Debby’s lies :

-That court is over
-That there is a new power of attorney
-That Freddy’s is deceiving his supporters
-That Freddy can only see his mother alone and not accompanied by anyone else

Little did Debby know, we have managed to record her lies and she will be exposed.

As so many people die alone, without family who love and care for them, this struggle shows the absurdity of this system we live in : 5 people are fighting to visit Mary Barsoum, and the so-called « Care »center that is supposed to be watching for her health will not allow her to see people, and insists on keeping her isolated.

That re-affirmed our commitment, as a group of indigenous, white and migrant, women, men and trans, straight and queer but ALL of us working class supporters of Freddy’s struggle for for his mother. We have the confirmation that ours is the struggle for life, love, peace and respect and theirs is the struggle for collective

Statement from the 32CSM

16 May

On behalf of the 32CSM I congratulate you in taking a stand to create an broad based organization to fight racism and colonialism in Ireland and So called Canada. Canada like Ireland is a settler state build on the backs on the Indigenous territories that they occupy. To the colonizer all we are is cheap resources and we create the vast market of unemployable labor, the cheap tool of the capitalists to keep workers in their place.

We stand with you
in your struggle for freedom

as your struggle is our struggle and by creating this organization of Irish Republicans, native folx, and settlers we are building a new road to unity and a solidarity of the people who will not only be able to resist the british empire and their commonwealth puppets
but will be able to defend our movements for sovereignty, as an attack on one of us is an attack on all of us. We congratulate you not only for standing with us but fomenting resistance in the colony weakening the empire until it will collapse and our day will come

Revolutionary Greetings From Halifax

16 May

“On behalf of The Provisional Unit of The International Department of The 32 County Sovereignty Movement in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

It is with great enthusiasm I write you with the prospect of establishing a permanent International Unit of the 32CSM here in Halifax. Early last month comrade Julian Ichim traveled here from Kitchener-Waterloo to assist in a small public roundtable discussion at the public library concerning the current state of political prisoners and POWs at the hands of the British imperialists, as well as the current conditions in the occupied 6 counties. Though few, gathered in attendance were friends, family, comrades from the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist) and the No Harbour for War organization.

Given the arrival of the Irish in Nova Scotia, known amongst them as ‘The Land of The Fish’ (Talimh An Eisc) in the 1600’s, their relations with the Scot and Ulster Scot settlers, Acadians, First Nations Mi’kmaq and other oppressed peoples, the growing Irish diaspora here in the Maritimes and indeed all of Atlantic Canada including Newfoundland has given both me and Julian enthusiasm in establishing a sizeable and prominent unit of the 32CSM here in Halifax.

I eagerly await further communication,



Anti Internment Munster in support of the newly founded Anti Internment in Occupied Canada on 11 May 2017.

16 May

This is the speech from Anti Internment Munster in support of the newly founded Anti Internment in Occupied Canada on 11 May 2017.
Honoured delegates, comrades and supporters. It is with great joy that we here in Ireland welcome the established of an anti internment group to support POWs and Political Activists that have been wrongfully interned and jailed right here in Occupied Canada. The state called Canada as you all know is a settler state that has persecuted and oppressed the First Nations peoples, the Quebecois who fought and continue to fight for their independence and the Gaels or Gaelic community of Irish and Scottish exiles who either fled or were banished from their homelands for resisting Brit rule, genocide and invasion of their homes and lands. We in Ireland know full well what you all are suffering there in Occupied Canada even if many of your own people either don’t know or don’t want to know. All praise and honour to those of the Anti Internment in Occupied Canada who have gathered here today to show support and resistance towards the forces of imperialism and oppression that are current and widespread throughout Occupied Canada. You have a long hard road ahead of you and many difficult and dangerous struggles ahead but in the end you will win through. All you have to do is keep the faith and stay true to the cause of freedom and independence of all of the oppressed and persecuted in Occupied Canada today. Counter revolutionaries and other hostile and non progressive forces will try all in their power to defeat you but you will stay strong and true to your mission to stand up and fight for those who are not in a position to stand up and fight for themselves and their families. The continued struggle of the Gaels of Nova Scotia for language rights and recognition is the exact same fight that the Quebecois fought from 1763-1995 when after many bitter and bloody struggles and after almost voting for independence losing only by the smallest margin in election history inwhich 49.95% of them voted of independence did the Canadian occupation government and regime finally pay full and proper attention and respect to the French language in Canada. And they only done that to avoid another and possible future successive referendum. The process towards language victory for the Quebecois began as a result of the armed struggle or war waged by the FLQ from 1963-1971/1976 and it was only after a fierce war had been waged did the Anglo settler enemy begin to give ground and accept the French language and culture in Occupied Canada. The same is true of the Metis and other First Nations peoples today. And the same will be true for the Gaels of Nova Scotia who have suffered language genocide and almost complete extinction of the very unique dialect known as Canadian Gaelic. Very few know that Nova Scotia is the beating heart of Celtic language and culture in North America and some would say the whole of the Americas. That reason alone is why you in Anti Internment in Occupied Canada or AIOC have to fight on for the freedom and rights of all Prisoners of War in Ireland, Palestine and Occupied Canada as well as many other places around the world. You are not alone comrades you are apart of the wider Anti internment movement and struggle in Ireland and across the world and you will never march or protest or fight on your own because comrades we here in the Anti Internment Munster will always be standing beside and alongside you.