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9 Mar


On International Womans Day, members of Anti-Colonialist Working Group and KW Occupy held an information picket demanding the immediate release of Marian Price. Members held
placards that stated “Free Marian Price” and “650 days and counting”. Some gave speeches and 250 leaflets were distributed. Many people were receptive, and they only got told
to fuck off once. Quite a few people were surpsrised at the level of brutality that Price is suffering at the hands of imperialists. The evening ended with a raffle and
screening of “H3”, the story of the hungerstrikers and their struggle for political status.One person who was there, who happened to be from Belfast, stated that he remembers
the deaths of the hungerstrikers and was surprised that until now he has never heard of Price and Corey.This shows the seriousness of the media blackout regarding The POWS. All in all the day was a success.

Hillary Clinton creates a political spectical around the death of torturer David Black, Yet is silent about Price, Corey and the Conditions of Maghaberry!!!!

8 Nov

The last week all one could hear in the Irish media was how sad and horrible the political execution of David Black, screw, torturer, and agent of British Repression was. This spectacle would not be complete without Hillary Clinton, responsible for the deaths of thousands in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Afghanistan talking about the sanctity of life and the need to for justice.
Blacks funeral, carried out with pomp and trappings played into this spectacle, and all those sitting in stormont played along condemning the “horrible act” going as far as even calling it criminal.

What was lost in the spectacle was the treatment of the prisoners whom he kept like animals in cages. It was only yesterday that Tony Taylor was brutally assaulted in Maghaberry, having his wrists and fingers broken, a continuation of practises in the occupied six counties that goes on every day, forced strip searches, isolation brutalization and beatings.
On this the media and the Clintons have been silent. Isolation a practise that has been shown to cause sever mental anguish and according to the UN should not be carried out for more then 30 days, is another tactic that screws like Black enforce. Marian price, Irish Republican Prisoner whose only crime is her politics has been held for over 500 days in isolation and still counting, yet we dont hear a peep from Hillary condemning the British government about her treatment and the impacts it has had on her health. Nor do we hear anything from her about the fact that she is being denied medical attention and all parties agree that her situation is deteriorating to the point that her continued incarceration can lead to her death.

Clinton has also said nothing about the case of Martin Corey, who has been in jail for two years before having the courts rule that his internment is unconstitutional, only to have that overturned by then secretary of state Owen Patterson. Corey is still being held in brutal conditions, facing the torture that Irish Republicans face every day in Maghaberry at the hands of screws like Black.

The reason for this is Hilary Clinton does not care about justice , nor peace, nor the sanctity of human life, unless it is the life of a screw or other agent of the anglo american imperialist alliance.

Her words of demanding justice for Black ring hollow while Price and Corey rot in jail and the life of torturers is worth more then the lives of those whom they torture.

Despite heavy Rain, People Rally To Free Support Irish Republican POWS

29 Oct

Despite heavy Rain, People Rally To Free  Irish Republican POWS


On Oct. 27th a dedicated crew of Anti Colonialist Working Group members and Supporters braved the rain and held an info picket outside of the British consulate from Toronto. Despite the fact that the office was closed an appointments cancelled due to the sit in the day before, we were told that some of us are banned from the property and must stay on the sidewalk. We were then greated by RCMP who asked for our flyers, which we said we wouldnt give to them due to the fact that paper is precious. Lead by the brave Darryl Richards, we handed between 250-400 flyers.

We were later joined by Toronto Friends of Sinn Fien who also had a statement condemning the illegal internment of Irish Republican Prisoners and strip searches and the need to push the internal process.

The day ended with news that Juliet Belmas, ex Guerrilla fighter with Direct action and film maker who was sentenced to over 20 years in jail in Canada for actions against the state in the early ’80’s sending messages of solidarity with Irish Republican Prisoners and POWS, particularly Marian Price.

ALL in All the day was a success and we will continue our strugglle until the prisoners are free

Info Picket To Free Marian Price And Drop All Charges Against Paddy McDaid, Frank Quigley and Marvin Canning a success!!!!!!

28 Sep

On Sept 27th members of the Anti Colonial Working group held an info picket outside the British consulate in Toronto demanding that Price be freed and charges against the other three men arrested at the 32csm rally in April 2011 in Derry be dropped. Despite the presence of RCMP, Toronto Police, intelligence etc. and threats of arrest if any of us set a foot on consulate property We held our banner and handed out 450 flyers.

When our comrades showed up with Irish flags and Republican banners, Police agencies decided that they had a right to intimidate people demanding names and addresses even though all we were doing was handing out flyers!!!! We were later treated to good old British hospitality when the British consulate staff decided to show us the middle finger!!!!
All in all the Rally was a success and we will keep on raising awareness around Price and other Republican prisoners locked by the Colonialist Powers!!!!

Rally To Free Marian Price And Drop All Charges Against Paddy McDaid, Frank Quigley and Marvin Canning!!!!!!

9 Sep

Rally To Free Marian Price And Drop All Charges Against Paddy McDaid, Frank Quigley and Marvin Canning!!!!!

Sept. 27th @ 5pm
British Consulate
Toronto, 777 Bay St.
College St. Entrance (between Bay & Yonge)

Newly Appointed unelected British Secretary of State of Northern Ireland Theresa Viller has decided to start her reign in Northern Ireland by reinstating charges against Marian Price, Paddy McDaid, Frank Quigley and Marvin Canning for participating in a 32 CSM Rally in Derry in April 2011.

These trumped up charges which were previously dropped are being used to justify the continued internment of Price and send a message to any and all who chose to hold politics that do not serve the interests of British Imperialists in the occupied six counties.

Those who believe in human rights and the rights of nations to determine their own destiny must also send a message to the British imperialists. That message will be that people around the world are demanding an end to internment of Irish Republicans and a stop to the political persecution in Ireland of those who oppose the occupation of their land.

Join us on Sept. 27th, the day of the preliminary inquiry of Price, McDaid, Quigley and Canning, at 5pm in front of the British Consulate and demand that Price be set Free and All Charges relating to the Rally that took Place in April 2011 in Derry be Dropped.

End The Torture of Marian Price!!!!

12 Aug

From Belfast 32csm webpage

End the torture of Marian Price
The 32CSM wishes to draw attention to the latest alarming deterioration in the health of Marian Price. Marian, who suffers from arthritis and who has been kept in isolation for over a year has now been diagnosed with pneumonia. The prison doctors at Hydebank jail attributed the decline in Marian’s health to her continued incarceration and warned that this would continue whilst she remained in the conditions that she was in. Despite this the British government have chosen to keep Marian interned.

Let there be no doubt from any quarter Marian Price is being interned and tortured. There is no legal basis to her detention, no moral defence of it and to all those who have to this point refused to speak out against this, there is no excuse for your continued silence.

Marian Price is one of many Republicans currently being imprisoned with no regard for legal or judicial norms. Martin Corey, Gerry McGeough and most recently Alan Lundy have all had their rights stripped from them. This is British justice in Ireland and this is the treatment all Republicans can expect to receive at the hands of Owen Patterson. The 32CSM is calling on all Republicans to further their efforts on behalf of Marian, she is being used as a political hostage and the British government intend to make an example out of her.

End internment and Free Marian Price.
Beir Bua.

Urgent, Contact Owen Patterson and tell him his desisions may lead to the death of Marian Price

1 Aug

Since Marian Price has been moved from hydebank prison to a psychiatric hospital her health has seriously deteriorated to the point that if she does not get the medical attention that she requires the logical outcome may be her death.

Despite public outcry at the injustice that she has endured including the illegal internment that she is facing, the psychological torture of over a year of isolation and being held for over nine months in a mens prison, and the rapid deterioration of her health to the point where Price, who has previously had tuberculosis has now got pneumonia, which is seriously hurting her lungs, Owen Patterson is trying to score political points AT THE COST OF PRICE’S LIFE.

Not only is there no legal basis for her incarceration, but her incarceration presently flys in the face of international law which states that no one can be unduly deprived of the right to their lives.

By keeping Price incarcerated despite her medical conditions the occupational forces are spitting in the face of justice in their quest to demonstrate to Irish Republicans the true costs of holding an ideology which goes against the status quo. By attacking Price and letting her rot they hope t teach a lesson to anyone who has an ideology that does not suit their political and imperialist aspirations.

All people who believe in the right to conscience must take a stand and DEMAND THAT PRICE BE FREED NOW!!!!!!

I ask all people who believe in self-determination of all nations and who believe in justice to contact Patterson and let him know the whole world is watching and ashamed at the actions perpetrated by those who call themselves “civilized” and “democratic” against a woman whose only crime is believing in the right of Irish people to determine their own destiny.

Email Patterson at patersono@parliament.uk